Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snarky reaction of Obama to 8/28 event

I attended the Restoring Honor event in DC this past weekend.  Here is my take on Obama’s reaction to it compared to the event I experienced:

Snarky, dismissive, arrogant, condescending – all of these terms describe our president’s reaction to this event.


"It's not surprising that someone like a Mr. Beck is able to stir up a certain portion of (the American people) ... " 

From Investor’s Daily article on” Ignoring Glenn Beck and Us.”

Dripping condescension.  Any other president in the history of the United States would have either attended or would have spoken highly of such an event, its sponsors and participants.  This president reacted as if he had to swallow a bitter pill to even mention it.

The event was peaceful, respectful, patriotic, pro-America, pro-Judeo/Christian values, pro-faith, and pro-all-the-things-that-made-America-great-and prosperous.  But Obama spoke disdain.

What else can we expect from an evil, racist, socialist, America-hating president who demonstrates hostility toward other traditional Judeo-Christian, patriotic events and organizations.  The boy scouts, the national day of prayer, respect for our flag, support of free enterprise, driving our economy into the ground, support of Israel and our other allies – all are examples of the heart of American values being purposely snubbed by a radical who has an agenda different than that of the great majority of America.  His pandering to a small, arrogant, entitled, lawbreaking, unproductive fringe of America is wrecking our nation.  Congress is under his spell or otherwise facilitating this outrage.

On my 24-hour bus trip on the way home, I read the book “Losing Your Religion” by S. E. Cupp who details dozens of examples of the liberal media’s attack on Christianity.  When I got home what I experienced in listening to the media’s and our president’s reaction to the Restoring Honor event was as if I were reading a new Chapter 11 of that book.  The misrepresentation, insult, ad vitriol expressed by the MSM was informative of how far disconnected from reality they really are.  Our president and congress exhibit the same corrupting aloofness.

If Congress is not replaced in November, our nation deserves the additional grief that will result.  Research the candidates and VOTE in November.

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