Saturday, August 14, 2010

No surprise – Obama and the ground zero mosque

Given that B. Hussein Obama is more demonstrably Muslim than Christian, and given his propensity to pander to Islamic interests more than American interests, this comes as no surprise.  This is merely more evidence of how bad this seditious excuse for our president really is.

Obama Supports Ground Zero Mosque!

Obama continues his pandering to Islamic supremacist interests.  It has nothing to do with “freedom of religion”.  It is about rewarding a fascist ideology hell-bent on making a political statement.  Islam is no more a religion than is fascist Nazism or Communism.  Obama is speaking out in favor of his bosom buddies who have been shown to have links to Islamic interests in the middle east contrary to the interests of Israel and the US.

Now Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam of the 9-11 mosque, has the backing of our president.  And, in agreement with Obama, Rauf blames Christians and Jews for Islamic atrocities.  Two of a kind.

Here is more evidence, beyond the bowing, of Obama’s Saudi/Islamic interests…

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