Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mosque: Anyplace but “here” is a cop-out

Those who argue against the “ground-zero” mosque only because of its proposed location in the vicinity of the Islamic aerial bombing of the World Trade Center are missing several points that will come back to bite us.

Sure, ONE of the reasons not to build the mosque there is the lack of sensitivity to the victims of 9-11.  After all, the attack was conducted by Muslims in the name of Islam.  Mosques are holy places that represent Islam.  They are also places of Islamic teaching, indoctrination, and propaganda.  Many people rightfully make the connection between Islamic terror, 9-11, and the mosque at that location.

Another reason given why the mosque should not be tolerated “at that location” is the Islamic tradition of mosques being built upon conquered sites – a triumphalist political statement.  Most of us would be deeply offended if that was allowed to occur here.

But proximity to ground zero should not be the only reason why mosques should not be built – at any location.

Here are several additional reasons to oppose a mosque, whether located near ground zero or anywhere else in the United States:

  1. Islam is a political ideology that teaches hate against Christians, Jews and other infidels.  It is a supremacist, intolerant ideology in opposition to the freedoms embodied in the First Amendment to our US Constitution.
  2. Mosques and related Islamic Training Centers are the primary facilities used to teach and promote the Islamic ideology.  Other major centers of Islamic indoctrination are middle eastern studies programs at many of our universities, which is a whole other problem.
  3. Mosques are often the training ground for jihadi activities and activists against the United States and our allies.
  4. Mosques are often sponsored, funded, or operated by Muslims with connections to known Islamic terror organizations. There are hundreds of Feisal Abdul Raufs all over the country; Muslims with terror connections wanting to establish new mosques.
  5. Mosques are often the collection point of funds from within the United States to send overseas to terrorist organizations.
  6. Islam has declared war on the United States.
  7. There is no “moderate” Islam.  Islam is Islam.

Bottom line:  Beware of the “anywhere but here” arguments against the ground zero mosque.  A better approach would be don’t build them anywhere in the US until Islam is reformed into something that no longer resembles Islam.  William Kilpatrick expresses similar views in an article entitled “To Build a Mosque” located on the Front Page website.

For further insights into the purpose and problems of mosques, check out this book.

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