Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Associated Press vs. Reality

The mainstream media gets ever further from delivering the relevant truth.  The AP issued a directive to all its affiliated reporters and media to cease using the term “ground zero mosque” and any other verbiage that may offend Muslims.  This despite the fact that a landing gear from one of the Muslim terrorist-piloted planes crashed through the roof of the building at the site of the proposed ground zero mosque, and despite the fact that Muslims insist on their jihad against America through deception, bullying, arrogance, and terror if the circumstances are right.

Atlas Shrugs succinctly describes the whitewashing of Islam by the media here. has what might well be a more accurate name for the new mosque:  The Landing Gear Mosque.

Moving to the category of quacking, walking, and laying eggs like a duck, the mainstream deceivers are aghast at the revelation that 24% of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim.  I would be aghast if as many as 24% believed he ISN’T a Muslim.  The way they put it:  24% of Americans surveyed erroneously believe Obama is a Muslim.  Erroneously, eh?  Are these news stories or are they editorial opinion pieces.  Does the media have a blatant. deceptive in your face agenda or what?  Islamic taqiyya has nothing over the media as far as the art of deception is concerned.

Imagine if you were a newly planted alien human placed in the middle of Iowa and you were given three sets of facts:  The current predominant beliefs and actions of Muslims in the world, the current predominant beliefs and actions of Jews and Christians in the world, and the current predominant beliefs and actions of Barack Hussein Obama in the world.  What conclusions would you reach, free of bias?

Lets look at the last 40 years of each of these three sets of facts. Predominant orthodox Islam has been all about intolerant supremacism by any means possible.  Predominant orthodox Christianity has been all about tolerance and God’s grace and love.  And predominant orthodox Barack Hussein Obama has been all about:

  • Being born into a Muslim family
  • Spending much of his youth in a Muslim nation
  • Spending school years in a Muslim school registered as a Muslim
  • Changing his name from an Anglicized to a Muslim name while in college
  • Hanging out in college with radicals who shared Islam’s disdain for America
  • Attending a church for 20 years pastored by a man who’s Black Nationalist, hate-America teaching was indistinguishable from the teaching of the Nation of Islam.
  • Actively working to conceal his education and birth records
  • Deeply bowing to heads of Islamic nations
  • Invoking foreign policy more favorable to Islamic nations than to our traditional allies
  • Working to neutralize Israel in favor of surrounding Islamic nations that have vowed to destroy it.
  • Vowing to stand by Muslim immigrants in the US no matter what.
  • Fondly describing the call to Muslim prayer as “one of the sweetest sounds on earth at sunset.”
  • Appointing Muslims to key federal positions, including Homeland Security
  • Refusing to identify acts of terror committed by Muslims in the name of Islam (Fort Hood, shoe and underwear bombers, and others) as being associated with Islam or Muslims.
  • Refusing to respect the flag of the US
  • Declining to affiliate with any Christian church.

Granted, two or three of these characteristics by themselves may not raise eyebrows.  But this many?  Not logical, eh Scottie?  You tell me why ONLY 24% of Americans believe this deceiver is a Muslim.

Are we to believe Obama’s claim he is a Christian?  The Islamic doctrine of taqiyya condones a Muslim claiming he is a Christian if such claim furthers Islam.  In Obama’s case, it certainly does.

Ahh, here’s the ultimate test of his Christianity: 

“The President is obviously a -- is Christian," Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said. "He prays every day. He communicates with his religious advisor every single day.”

Of course Burton failed to mention two things:  Obama’s religious advisor’s role is to convince Christians that government should replace God, and the direction Obama faces when he prays.

In the end, is there really a difference between being a Muslim and “merely” promoting Muslim interests as if he were one?

The history of Obama’s life, words, and actions demonstrate that he is promoting Islam with the dedication of a committed Muslim.

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trencherbone said...

We need to celebrate diversity by acknowledging that Ground Zero is a hallowed site for Muslims as well as for Jews and Christians, and it is only right that they should build a mosque there.

Ground Zero is sacred to Islam as being the holy altar on which 3000 najis kafirs were sacrificed as burnt offerings to Allah (aka Moloch).