Friday, August 13, 2010

Moderate Muslims: Two Definitions

In discussing Muslims, there are two major types:

The “evolutionary” which we call “moderate, and the “revolutionary” which we call “radical.”  They both share the same desire for Islamic supremacism as their ultimate destination.

In discussing MODERATE Muslims, we hear conflicting views of what a “moderate” Muslim is.  Is there such a thing, and if there is, what does “moderate” really mean and what proportion of Muslims are moderate.

Here are the two descriptions that come closest to reality:

The “jettison most of Islamic teaching” moderate Muslim, and

The patient “don’t blow things up yet” moderate Muslim.

The first kind, the “jettison most of Islamic teaching” moderate Muslim is described in this article from Brigitte Gabriel’s website Act for America.  In essence, this moderate Muslim does not believe most of Muhammad’s Medina writings, nor the current interpretations based on these later Qur’anic passages.  This includes, among other current mainstream Islamic teachings, the imposition of Sharia law and the oppressive punishments associated therewith, the inequality and inhumane treatment of women, intolerance toward other religions, use of terror tactics, the subverting of the US Constitution and the suppression of freedom of speech.  It is said that most Muslims in the US are wessternized, assimilated, and peaceloving.  They may be referred to as "nominal Muslims” – the “in-name-only” Muslim.  But how many of these would really want to be associated “in name only” given the reputation of what Islam has become in the world – unless they really believe and agree with Islamic teaching? Unfortunately, such a Muslim is a pipe dream.  If any exist, they likely constitute a tiny minority.  If they exist and call themselves a “devout Muslim”, you really really need to question their truthfulness because they are likely to be expert in another Islamic practice they will not give up and have thoroughly mastered: “taqiyya” – the deliberate dissimulation of truth to further their Islamic cause.

The second kind of moderate Muslim is much more common, and probably represents the large majority in this country.  These are Muslims who differ from the so-called “radical” Muslim by their patience to implement their beliefs in this country by more gradual and deliberative means.  These are the “evolutionary” Muslims as opposed by the “evolutionary” Muslims who are called “radical.”  These evolutionary Muslims may actually express outrage at terrorist acts of radical Muslims because they believe that such action is premature and ultimately hurts their long range evolutionary supremacist cause. 

Whether such Muslims are currently active or not is beside the point. I am sure there are many inactive or “nominal” Muslims.  But they all share the whole cloth of Islamic belief – to promote their supremacy and dominance over “infidels” and impose Islamic Sharia law over our culture.  They are not moderate in their ultimate understanding and mission of Islam.  They are moderate with regard to the methods and timing of implementation.  Unfortunately, as their numbers and influence increase, more of these “moderates” will become more emboldened to take more radical action to further their Islamic dominance.  When Muslims constitute less then 5% of the population, they will work within the existing governmental system.  As their numbers reach 15 to 20%, you will see more demonstrations, threats, and acts of terror.  Over 40 to 50% and you kiss any non-Islamic culture bye bye.

For those interested in learning more and taking action, watch the video below, visit Brigitte Gabriel’s website, and join and participate in one of her ACT Chapters around the nation.

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