Monday, August 16, 2010

Mosques have rights but just not at ground zero?

Opponents of the ground zero mosque cite the constitutional right for mosques, like churches, to locate anywhere.  It is just a politically correct judgment call that says “not at ground zero” and not any legal injunction against the establishment of a mosque.

That is a naive and ultimately misguided and dangerous principle.

This position assumes that mosques are just like churches.  It assumes Islam is just like any other religion.  But mosques aren’t and Islam isn’t.  They are diametrically and diabolically different.

Islam is a political ideology, like fascism and communism.

Mosques and Islam are tools of an oppressive, intolerant and supremacist ideology.  We are terribly mistaken and naive to equate them with churches and synagogues and what goes on in these place.

What goes on in most if not all mosques in this nation is the teaching of hate and intolerance and tactics of Islam to impose its will upon a self-absorbed and ignorant culture – ours.  The goal is the imposition of Sharia law to replace constitutional and common law.

Proposed mosques at any location need to be scrutinized.  Their Imams and sponsors and spokespersons and funding sources need to be scrutinized.  We need to see through Islamic taqiyya – deception – that says one thing to help us believe there is no ill intent while intending all along to promote Islamic law and culture at the expense of our own freedoms.  Mosques, generally speaking, are breeding grounds for intolerance and oppression.

An ideology that at its heart is in opposition to first amendment principles is not worthy of first amendment protections.

So be aware – just because a mosque is somewhere beside the site of an Islamic atrocity does not mean Islamic atrocities are not taking place wherever a mosque is located.

Interested in further elaboration on this topic?  Check out this book.

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