Friday, December 04, 2009

We met another one tonight…

We were at a party tonight when the topic of Obama came up.  When my wife opined to the couple across the table that she believed Obama was a Muslim, she thought the man was going to lunge across the table and hit her.  In a less than soft voice he said he was very angry, and jettisoned himself away from the table before another word was said.  Muslim apologists and Obama defenders (same thing) are pretty sensitive – I think intolerant is the word – of other peoples opinions.  Of course it didn’t help when I laughed at his loss of control.

You would think this man was a Muslim in Syria offended by Mohammad cartoons the way he reacted.  If this man was a military psychologist, he would be suspected of “snapping” and becoming a Jihadi.

The fact is, millions of Americans increasingly believe that Hussein Obama is a closet Muslim at worst, and an Islamic promoter at best.   Take a look at this video if you haven’t done so yet.

Just wait till we learn of Obama’s proposed alliance with Afghanistan’s neighbors to the west, Islamic Iran or Turkey, to “assist us” in subduing al Qaeda.  He will do anything to avoid facing the real agenda of Islam.

Folks like this couple this evening who believe Islam (the fascist ideology it really is) is just like any other religion, who adore anyone who defends and promotes that ideology, and who suggests Christianity is just as bad will one day discover how utterly clueless they really were.  We could have lit up that party if we tweaked this couple by pointing out their ignorantly amoral attitude after they proclaimed that Catholics are as bad as Muslims.  "Moral equivalence" anyone?  We probably would have had to reimburse the recreation center for their destruction of property.

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