Friday, December 25, 2009

Big Tent-itis

Both the Democrats and Republicans suffer from “bigtentitis":  The political philosophy that every group and movement is worthy of being embraced by the “party.”  But like bowels, not everything that comes out is worth embracing.  The idea of a “big tent” has reached the same culturally destructive extremes as “cultural diversity” and “moral relativism.”

Ironically, Democrats are now being criticized for NOT have bigtentitis.  They are accused of not being more “moderate” by some within their ranks as noted here.

NEWS FLASH:  Not having a “big tent” is not their problem.  Hyper-inclusivity is.  The hyper-inclusivity is their embrace of every radical thought that has flowed out of the bowels of leftists and progressives for the past 50 years.

Bigtentitis is a particular bane of Republicans at the moment.  This was exhibited with the party’s nomination of moderate to left-leaning McCain.  Most of his platform was barely distinguishable from Obama’s.  Republicans lost because of his mundane rhetorical skills compared to Obama – as well as his failure to communicate a convincing grasp of the essence of our economic problems at the time.

The Republican’s tent was too big.  Its focus was not sufficiently distinguishable from that of the Dems.  Bigtentitis continues to plague the party.  Their hyper-inclusivity may become the reason for a strong showing by an independent in 2012.

If nothing else good comes out of the Obama administration, it may be a the kick in the butt that wakes the nation up to tent poles that are most important:  Less government, lower taxes, emphasis on personal responsibility and initiative, and a strong national defense.  Whoever believes in those principles admit themselves into the tent.  The tent needs to be no larger than that.  Republicans need to get out of the Dems business of being all things to all people with the government doing all things for all people.

The folks who want to make our nation something it was never intended to be can erect their own tent and have it as big or as small as they want – inclusive of all the animalistic tendencies they feel compelled to embrace.

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