Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Avatar – the evil capitalists

I may be reading too much into the trailers, but Avatar strikes me as another “hate America first” Hollywood script.

The plot:  A team of humans (I presume Americans) is sent to planet Pandora to mine an ultra rare mineral.  Unfortunately, the Na’vi happen to occupy the very spot of the planned mining operation.  The Na’vi have to be relocated, a la residents of “community redevelopment projects” in our urban areas.  The key member of the human team, who happens to be a paraplegic Marine, switches sympathies and sides with the Na’vi.

Despite the fact that the mineral might be very useful, maybe even essential, for mankind back home, and relocating the Na’vi may not be the worst thing in the world, humans are portrayed as the evil greedy villain, upsetting the indigenous apple cart (think American Indian). 

This theme latches on to the eco-Nazis “humans-are-destroying-the-planet” mantra, and is as anti-progress as any humans-are-causing-global-warming deception.  The movie merely joins this pandemic of self-loathing that hopefully runs its course within the next few decades, ideally before the retrograde philosophy returns the US to a third world entity, or returns humans to a Na’vi, stone-age existence.

I would give the movie an ”A” for throwing in all the right sympathies and guilts and button pushing emotional triggers to further its aim of infusing politically correct, anti-progress and anti-capitalism/free enterprise themes.  No wonder the main-scheme Hollywood reviewers love it so much.

Unfortunately, I was not reading too much into the trailers.  Apparently this movie is as America, capitalist, and human hating as I interpreted from the trailers.  There are a number of reviews that agree with my unhappy assessment.  Here is one.

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