Monday, December 21, 2009

1939 Movie: Parallels with Muslims in America

Watch this movie.  So many parallels - and some unfortunate differences.  Here are some of them:

  • Substitute the word Muslim for Nazi: their methodologies are uncannily similar
  • Substitute the word Religious for Racial:  The Nazi's supremacist pride was race; Islam's supremacist pride is religion
  • Substitute Muslim loyalty to Islam over loyalty toward America for German-American loyalty to the Furher over loyalty to America

The film depicted most German-Americans being ashamed of their German cohort Nazi's.  I'm not so sure that most American Muslims are similarly ashamed of their Islamic cohorts.

I cannot imagine a current prosecutor of Muslim spies or terrorists in this nation being as impassioned toward America as the 1939 prosecutor of Nazi spies was.  Our government officials and legal system do not have the passion for this country that existed 60 years ago.  And most have not yet acknowledge there are Muslim spies or terrorists in this country. 

The President is complicit.

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