Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Separation of Science and State

I thought of two “unfortunatelies” this morning.  One “unfortunately” is our success in separating Church and State, the result of which is the isolation of western moral values from government and public institutions.

The other “unfortunately” is our failure to separate Science and State.  It is becoming more and more certain that political agendas have manipulated science to the point of becoming worse than a religion.  The “Global Warming science” is showing itself to be an outright lie and deception.  At least religion is understood for what it is - belief based on “faith”:  Trust in things not seen.  However, science sets itself out to be based on observable evidence – things seen.  And it appears that, for political purposes, this “observable evidence” has been perverted for political purposes. 

I would much rather have Church and State than Science and State.  At least we known what we’ve got with religion.  And contributions are voluntary.

Read more here from Lord Monkton.

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