Sunday, December 06, 2015

Why we were attacked despite “no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on our homeland”

Several days before the San Bernardino attack by Islamists associated with and motivated by ISIS, Obama comforted the American people with the words:  “We know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland."

Indeed we didn’t.  He was right.  And that is the PROBLEM!

The attack, especially on the heals of Obama’s comforting words, shattered confidence in our national security, and especially gives us pause about the level of ISIS subterfuge in our country.

Obvious to some of us, it does not help that the Obama administration purged all of our intelligence services of the lexicon associated with Islam, including the words Muslim, radical Muslim, Islam, radical Islam, and jihad.  Both at home and abroad we refuse to even identify the enemy, never mind the mandate to “know your enemy”.

Know this:  The threat is not just ISIS.  It is Islam.  It is Islamic doctrine, not radical Islamic doctrine, but ORTHODOX Islamic doctrine that informs and motivates Muslims to identify with ISIS and dozens of Islamic groups just like it.

San Bernardino has rightfully caused an upsurge of awareness of the Islamic-inspired threat in our country.

I’ve provided three videos below that address the Islamic problem.

The first is a right-on-the-money rant by Judge Jeanine.  She warns it’s time to batten down the hatches – time to get a gun; time to strengthen our local police; time to end accusations of Islamophobia when we really do say something when we see something.


The next two videos are by David Wood, the publisher of the website Answering Islam.

His first video, below, is titled “The Jihad Triangle.”  The Jihad triangle is comprised of 1) Belief in Islam; 2) Knowledge of what Islam teaches;  and 3)Obedience.  This helps explain why some Muslims are violent and some appear to be good neighbors.  All three sides of the triangle must be a part of the Muslims beliefs and intent for Jihad to take place.  Without any one of these factors in place, Jihad will not occur.

The only problem with his otherwise valid analysis results from Islamic taqiyya (aka “deception”).  We never know for certain whether any particular Muslim holds to either “knowledge of what Islam teaches” or if they will be obedient to what Islam teaches even if they believe it.

In other words, any particular person who calls himself a Muslim may hide or deflect his knowledge of the numerous hate, intolerance, supremacist, and terrorist passages in the Qur’an and Hadith.  Or he or she may be aware of these passages, the mandates of Allah, but lead others to believe they are just “spiritual” and he has no intention of literally being obedient to any of them.  How many Muslims are great at concealing their true feelings and intent which Allah commands they do?  We don’t know.  We do know that some are great at this.  The San Bernardino cell proves it.  And so did the 23 involved in 9-11 – but we forget so soon.


The next video, below, is titled  “The Three Stages of Jihad.”  They are:

  1. Stealth Jihad
  2. Defensive Jihad
  3. Offensive Jihad. 

In both stealth and defensive jihad, playing the “victim” of supposed persecution, in spite of their threatening or terroristic behaviors.  Stealth, or “under the radar” Jihad is practiced when Muslims constitute a small minority of their community.  As their number and influence increase, they will become bolder and become more reactionary in a defensive manner, even though the perceived offense is justified, such as legitimate concern for a group of Muslim men age 20 to 30 whispering among themselves on a flight.  CAIR will light into a frenzy when someone actually “says something” if they “see something.”  The end stage, “offensive Jihad”, is too late, when Muslims reach a near majority.  That is when they will shift into an entirely offensive mode.

The only problem with this compartmentalization of “stages of Jihad” is that there are always a few “early adopters” of Jihad that jump the gun, so to speak, in adopting their offensive Jihad mode even during the earlier period of both Stealth and Defensive Jihad.  That is why their defensiveness is so absurd.  

I can assure you, as Muslim populations and influence increase  we will see an increase in the number of “lone wolf” and Jihadist cells that are emboldened to practice the violent jihad to a much greater extent than we have seen to date.  Such is the nature of the Middle East, with Europe on the brink.

All three of these videos are informative, accurate, with noted caveats, and timely.  I hope you make it a priority to view all three.


Anonymous said...

We are being duped. The most dangerous person alive is Obama. He must be stopped, not killed but stopped and exposed for what he and what he represents. We must start by demanding his resignation. If he does not resign, we must demand he be tried for treason. The attorney general will not do it. Congress should do it but they are already cowed by fear of their death by Obama thugs. So is the Supreme Court. Our military can't do it as they are controlled by Islamists already in control positions in our military. That means it is up to the public to fight it out. We must arm ourselves now as the war is now in our neighborhoods. The Islamists already have radicalized the black community through college professors black lives matters programs, Jackson, the Democratic Party and the gullible press and media. The war is on and the last days are upon us as the speed of the Islamists is quickening.

Gerardo Moochie said...

You get it. I wish more of us did. Thanks for your vigilence and awareness.

Another voice said...

Isn't it ironic that Obama's campaign message was "We're going to fundamentally transform America?" That's exactly what he set out to do--and he is succeeding.
Most of what he says involves vague platitudes that can be naively interpreted as true at face value...but when we look from the other side, they are insidious.

I totally agree with "Anonymous." Some--very few--who have a public podium are starting to cautiously reveal what they are privately thinking about Muslim intentions in the US, including complicity of our President.

We cannot for a moment turn our backs on this man.