Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gagging common sense…

A lot of “gagging” has been occurring recently.

You might have heard that Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Michael Savage have been banned from entering Great Britain by Britain’s Home Office.  Why?  Because when they speak the truth about the evils and dangers of Islam, they may insult Muslims causing them to commit violence.

Image for the news resultBen Shapiro,editor-in-chief at The Daily Wire and an editor-at-large for Breitbart News,  was recently invited to speak to students at a US high school by the conservative student group Young America’s Foundation.  450 students attended the event.  Shapiro evidently crossed some invisible line that one of the “adults” in the room thought might offend several of the “poor” in the audience.  So halfway through the speech, the school administration halted the event.  More HERE.

Now we have Donald Trump who proposes a moratorium on Muslim immigrants until we can get a handle on the Islamic doctrine of jihad.  Seems to make sense.  60% of the Republican electorate agree such policy is essential to enhance national security.  What happens?

Not only is he condemned by Democrats, which is understandable given their propensity of Kumbaya-ism, but equally condemned by nearly all of the Republican field.  Now there is also a petition in Britain for Trump to join the hall of sham (“e” intentionally omitted) along with Spencer, Geller, and Savage to be banned from Britain for his rational Muslim comments.

The topping on the cake is the leftist group in Israel causing the cancellation of Trump’s proposed December 28th trip to Israel to have discussions with Netanyahu.  Israel is crawling with Muslim Arabs, so Netanyahu has to at least pretend he has succumbed to the Stockholm Syndrome by pandering to the Israeli leftists from time to time.

Here is the takeaway from all of this:  “Truth is the new hate speech.”  “Truth should be avoided if it offends” is the US and world’s new overarching moral standard.  If truth incites violence, it is the truth’s fault – not the fault of those committing the violence.  The politically correct answer to “Do I look good in this dress” on a personal level is now applied to free speech on the national and foreign policy levels.  Can you imagine your wife slitting your throat if  you said the truth about the dress – and then YOU being charged with hate speech for your “insult?”  That is what is going on with Islam and gagging common sense.  And then our government wants us to “say something when we see something?”  Conflicting message much?

Protecting “the feelings” of others is more important than people speaking or hearing the truth.  Progressives, government hacks and Muslims are milking this for all it’s worth.  Most Republicans and many conservatives have developed the bad habit of backing down and apologizing for expressing truth.

Trump is on top because he is different.  Trump will have none of this nonsense.  He doesn’t give a crap about “political correctness” and self-censoring truth that might be offensive to people who live off the dole or whose evil ideology benefits by our out of touch national security policies.  He will not cave and will not apologize for stating what he believes is right and needs to be done.

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