Saturday, December 26, 2015

The rational pessimist’s guide to 2016…

Left leaning Bloomberg Business posted this piece titled “The Pessimist’s Guide to 2016:
I couldn’t resist countering Bloomberg’s leftist perspective with a more rational one.
So here is the much saner version of “The Pessimist’s Guide to 2016” based on reason and not on Bloomberg’s progressivist/communist perspective….
Global Warming/Climate Change:  Since weather always changes based on El Nino, solar activity, and a number of other yet undiscovered forces much greater than human influence, this is the more accurate pessimist’s vision:  The United States adopts international standards that elevate useless environmental restrictions above economic growth and jobs which  push the US into higher unemployment and crashes our economy.
ISIS and Islam:  Politicians and the media continue to call Islam “a religion of peace”, and we continue to spend billions of dollars on the various Whack-a-Mole iterations of Islam’s military wing which we call “radicals” while we continue to ignore the basic doctrinal evils of orthodox Islam practiced by “moderates” that persist in informing and motivating the “radicals.”
Immigration:  Our border remains open as a result of political correctness and the influence of liberals scamming for new welfare-hungry voters.  Illegal immigration continues unabated while the Muslims in high places in media and our government promote and adopt the immigration of a million more Muslims from Islamic nations that hate us.
Israel, Christians and Jews:  The US continues to show favoritism to Iran and its nuclear aspirations while handcuffing Israel’s ability to defend itself.  At the same time US domestic policy continues to prohibit practicing Christians from living their faith in their workplace while US foreign policy continues to ignore persecution of Christians abroad.
Hillary Clinton is elected which makes all the above pessimistic possibilities an absolute certainty.

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Brother Michael said...

Here's how we will lose our country (and I quote the vast majority of U.S. Americans):

"Oh, that's politics. I don't keep track of it. Whatever happens will happen no matter what I do."