Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why we haven’t won a war in 70 years…

    And why we are wasting resources on this one.

    1945 was the last time we won a war.  WWII was the last time the American people celebrated a military victory.   Well, perhaps with one exception that most of us now admit didn’t turn out too well :  We ‘won’ in Iraq.  But the power vacuum we created in Iraq after Desert Storm created a worse monster than Sadam Hussein.  Iraq was surrounded by other nations dominated by even worse monsters than him.  Hussein was effective in keeping the lid on the roiling Muslim masses.  We removed the lid.

    What’s different in our  victory in Japan compared to Iraq?  How come we didn’t create a power vacuum in Japan after we bombed the crap out of that place?

    The Japanese were not Islamic.  They were civilized.   Come to think of it, all of the non-Islamic world seems civilized compared to most Muslim-dominated countries.

    Here is the essence of why we haven’t won a war in 70 years:

  • No subsequent engagement has been triggered by an existential threat.  Consequently, we have not felt morally compelled to ‘pull out all the stops’ that keep us from using all available means to win.

  • We cannot win wars with our rules of engegement on lockdown, both at home and abroad. 

  • At home we are forbidden to identify the ideology that breeds terrorism.  We refuse to “identify the enemy”.  Most of the presidential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, say the enemy is “terror.”  Only a couple, Carson and Trump, are truthful and brave enought to call it even “radical Islam”, even though it is really the orthodox Islamic doctrine itself.

  • Abroad our ‘rules of engagement’ require our soldiers to fight with one arm behind their back, their AR’s safties perpetually on, and both eyes closed.  And above all, don’t offend B6wZOY8CMAA_b6vtheir “religion” and don’t hurt any “civilians.”

  • God forbid we injure any “civilians” in our fight against ISIS, even though there is a 99.9% certainly that every Muslim civilian over there supports ISIS in some way.  How can I say that?  Because the ideology of ISIS is the ideology of orthodox Islam.  A headline from none other than Russia Today reads “US refuses to bomb Islamic State’s ‘media centers’ over possible civilian casualties.”  Ain’t we sweet.

  • We refuse to stop the influx of Muslim immigrants among whom every US intelligence service warns include unknown numbers of terrorists.  We would be such devils to put a moratorium on any more Muslims immigrating to this country until Congress can figure things out. 

  • Don’t talk evil of Islam.  The News York Time headline reads:  “Malala Yousafzai calls Donlad Trump’s Remarks on Muslims ‘Full of Hatred’  Yup, even the sweet little Muslim poster child, the new heroin of the Muslim-apologist left, Malala Yousafzai, warns “the more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create.”  She is Islam’s new propaganda prop.  Can you imagine if we had that attitude during WWII?  Don’t offend the Nazis!  Imagine Congress and presidential candidates of the early 1940’s saying “if we prohibit Nazi immigrants from Germany coming into our country, we will offend them and we will create more violent Nazis.  We did have a few Nazi apologists.  They were called traitors and seditionists.

  • We fail to acknowledge that just because there appears to be a number of good people who believe in a particular ideology, it does not make the ideology good.  There were some very nice Nazis, even as neighbors, perhaps.  There are some very nice Muslims.  A seemingly nice Muslim does not change the character of Islam.  Islam and those who believe in it reamin a threat.

  • We have failed to understand the key ingredients of orthodox Islam and the culture it breeds:  Supremacism, intolerance, deception, sharia, and caliphate with the objective of world domination.  Nazism is mirror image of Islam doctrine, except without Islam’s religious fervor.

  • And key, we have failed to recognize the doctrines, promoters and armies of orthodox Islam as an existential threat.  We are likely to prevail only after we acknowledge that existential threat.

    So we continue a domestic and foreign policy of half measures to protect our homeland and to address the enemy abroad.  He have failed to identify the enemy and we certainly don’t want to offend anyone.  Half measures lose.

    We’re warned that if we take truly effective measures to enhance our security, we will offend and create more jihadi’s.  It’s interesting that “offend” is a root of “offensive.”  We need to be doing a lot more “offending” to have an effective offence.  Those who only have a reactive defense – so as not to offend – will lose.

    Apparently we just need to lay down (as in “give up”; “surrender”) and let the dirty little bastards have their way with us.

    From ABC News:  In his effort to calm the American public and help us all feel more secure, Obama declared today that “We do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland” during our holiday season.

    With that assurance, I feel so much better.  Especially after he said virtually the same thing a few days before the San Bernardino attack which occurred as a result of his making social media and anything related to Islam or Muslms off limits to our intelligence services.

    Here is a quote closer to the truth from another woman…


Unknown said...

Your blogs are always excellent. Is there a word that means more than excellent. If there is than it should be used to describe this blog.

Brother Michael said...

Could the U.S. become a future Caliphate?

At the rate we're going, it's not out of the question. We have "mini-caliphates" here already.

Don't be surprised if our current commander in chief bubbles up as the U.S. Caliphate's supreme leader.

Far fetched? Look at the signs. They've been fairly obvious for nearly eight years and in hindsight we can see that they've been brewing for many more.

Just saying.