Sunday, December 20, 2015

The tension between “liberty” and “morality”…

Donald Trump has hit a chord with the average American.  Even if you don’t care for Trump’s style, that chord is his habit of speaking the truth boldly without fear of consequence.  The truth is his defense.  The secret of his campaign successes, whether you vote for him or not, is his understanding that most of us like truth spoken boldly by people not fearful of its consequences.

I experienced the joy of speaking the truth boldly when being interviewed for a job with the New York State Manufactured Housing Association.  During the interview I told them everything I thought was wrong with the public perception and their marketing of manufactured homes.  I didn’t care if I got the job or not.  I was offered the job.

Political correctness has led us into the dark hole of hiding the truth.  We have gotten into that habit for fear of criticism for our thoughts.  Political correctness is a form of bondage:  Being intimidated from speaking truth.  This is the same as losing our freedom of speech.  Loss of freedom of speech is a loss of one of our cherished liberties.

One example of this loss of liberty, more specifically, the loss of our freedom of speech, is the wave of criticism that inundates anyone who speaks the truth about Islamic doctrine and history.  Wow, what a hot button that has become.  Those who suggest that Islamic doctrine is the primary motivator of Muslim violence and atrocities unleashes a torrent of mocking, marginalizing and demeaning of any who dares to speak that truth.

Trump found that out when he suggested the immanently rational policy of keeping those who claim the Islamic doctrine as their belief system from entering this country until we can understand what is going on.  He was mocked, marginalized ahd castigated as a hating, intolerant bigot by virtually all other Democrat AND Republican candidates.

The same hatred is thrust on those who suggest that the practice of homosexuality is wrong.  Biblical morality held the standard that homosexuality was wrong for over two millenia.  Yet now anyone who attempts to uphold that standard is slandered as an intolerant homophobic bigot.

It seems that most behaviors we have for centuries considered immoral are now the protected new normal.  Everything from legalized drugs, to promiscuity, to gay marriage, to uncontrolled government spending, to disrespecting authority, to pornography are now ok.  And to speak against any of these things is now narrow minded and out of touch.

This new tolerance for everything has become a tyrant against liberty and free speech.  We are no longer allowed to speak about moral truths without fear of criticism and slander.  We have reached the point where there is little room for morality as Christians and Jews have understood morality for centuries.

Ask yourself this:  Without morality, at what point do our former liberties of freedom of speech and religion turn into  anarchy, choas, and oppression?

The question naturally arises:  Whose morality shall predominate?  Can we have a society with two very different sets of moral standards?  Can we have a nation who’s morality is based on the traditional interpretation of the Bible at the same time as we have a libertarian/atheist morality of “anything goes” at the same time we have an Islamic morality based in their Sharia?

I suggest that a nation that is no longer based on a single predominant morality is a nation whose end is near.  We are slouching toward that very end with our wholesale rejection of a unifying Judeo-Christian Bible-based morality

“And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”, proclaimed Mark in Mark 3:25.  Abraham Lincoln paraphrased that Biblical quote by proclaiming “A house divided against itself cannot stand” in reference to the nation divided by the slavery issue.  Just as divisive as the slavery issue was back then are both the division created by the jettisoning of traditional Biblical morality and the invitation of Sharia resulting from our foolish immigration policies today.  However, I do not share Lincoln’s positive prophecy of unity he held in his day in our present situation without a renewal of our faith and God’s help.

The nation has become just as divided today by our our political correctness  that slanders morality and truth as it was in the darkest days of the civil war.  Both Mark and Abraham expressed a universal truth. 


Brother Michael said...

It's hard to disagree with what you say; nearly impossible.

I would also like to add a comment regarding the political backlash to an unabashed statement by Trump urging a hiatus on Muslim refugees coming into the U.S. until "we can figure out what the hell is going on,"

To the naive (aka stupid) commentators who belittled Trump for making such a harsh admonition I make this peace offering: A gift of a large bowl of fresh, plump, juicy grapes to enjoy before dinner...with one caveat: one of the grapes in the batch will kill a human instantly upon swallowing. So now, go ahead. Enjoy.

Gerardo Moochie said...

Furthering the "grape analogy", it is much worse than one grape in the bunch killing us. Given the great differences between Islamic culture and morality from that in the US, all the other grapes in the bunch may not kill us but are guaranteed to pervert and destroy our own culture and form of government. Over time, the other grapes will drain our resources with required litigation costs, national security costs and welfare payments.

Anonymous said...

I call "gay" people Sodomites. I call "Islam" a perverted death cult, not a religion. Anyone who is shocked or disagrees with my definitions need not come near me again and that goes for family also. I have few friends but those I do count among my friends are loyal and true.