Saturday, November 28, 2015

Russia doing what Obama refuses to do…

Several things have become more evident in the past week…

  • Turkey shot down the wrong plane
  • Russia is pissed
  • Neither side is backing down
  • Russia is taking action the US should have taken months ago
  • More and more people that I speak to randomly on the street believe our country, led by Obama, is on the wrong side in our “pretend” fight against ISIS
  • Some unknown but large number of Americans trust and respect the actions of Putin more than the actions of Obama.

The video below is worth a viewing to get a flavor of what Russia is doing.  I don’t know the source of the video, or even if it might be Russian or ISIS or US propaganda.  It difficult to know.  But that may be irrelevant.

The point is that Russia is kicking butt, even to the extent of killing the so-called “innocent” civilians in the sectors they are bombing.  Are they “innocent?”  A problem with the US over the past several decades is we’ve lost not only the will to win, but even the audacity necessary to win even if we wanted to.  We’ve avoided the “innocent” civilians when those “innocents” kill our soldiers and are without doubt complicit and in agreement with everything ISIS is doing.  If we were serious, serious like we were in our desperation in the last years of WWII, there would be no such thing as “innocents.”  Russia knows this – they are much more committed to saving themselves from Islamic terror than we are.  Certainly less complicit in the support for ISIS than we are.

Did the Obama administration really claim that the US did not previously bomb ISIS oil wells providing millions in weekly ISIS income, because doing so would cause “environmental damage?”  Again, Russia doing what the US should have done.

Some even question whether Obama purposely created ISIS and perpetuates that militant arm of Islam to weaken our own economy and level the international playing field.  I don’t know.

A related big story this weekend is Carson’s trip to Jordan to see the condition of Jordan’s 1.4 million Syrian refugees.  Carson is proposing “we find a political end to this conflict.”  Assuming a “political end” to conflicts perpetuated by the psychotic military arm of Islam we call “radicals” is itself insane.  “Moderate” Islam breeds and supports these radicals.

"Winning" wars works wonders. We haven't "won" in 70 years. We forgot what it takes to win. And even if we remembered, we would refuse to do it. We played "politics" ever since and lost ever since. We are draining our country of our wealth, culture, and young men playing politics.

Who is to say that Jordan's 1.4 million "refugees" aren't just as heavily infiltrated with ISIS (militant arm of Islam) as we believe migrants going to Europe are. 92% of Jordan's population are Sunni Muslim. Jordan is "moderate" at the moment. Who's to say Jordan will remain moderate, especially after the infiltrators have their way. A "political" solution means throwing billions of dollars down another Muslim rat hole.

No, Ben, you're barking up the wrong tree with your bleeding heart approach. We have enough bleeding Americans to tend to at home.

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