Thursday, November 12, 2015

Muccings on November 2015 current events…

Here is a quick and dirty set of opinions on the many dumber-than-a-brick people in the news:

University of Missouri:  That place has turned into an anarchist haven.  I would not be surprised if Obama-inspired community activists seeded the racist radicals to advance their progressive cause.   Where are the adults in the room?  White students and parents should boycott that institution.  Let the juveniles have their way and let it turn into a black university.  This is just the beginning of the inmates running the asylum nationwide.  Juvenile protests are spreading  across college campuses.    HERE is the response of Trump and Carson.


Illegal Immigration and the Party of “Can’t”:  The Establishment aka “RINO” Republicans are the party of “we can’t because we don’t want to.”

Here are typical headlines from RINOS and the left:

Rubio: Trump's Plan to Deport Millions of Illegals Impossible

The shocking reality of Donald Trump's plan to deport millions

 These sentiments comprise the majority of the views of Republican presidential candidates.  Their allegiance favors the US Chamber of Commerce, large corporations, and promoters of profits at the expense of the American citizen worker.  Cruz, and especially The Donald, are the only ones who not only believe we can deport illegals, but Trump is the one who will also make a way to do it.  I am so sick and tired of saying “we can’t do that” that I could scream.  Some of my own best roles in life involved being hired or used by an organization to accomplish things that the organization thought should be done but failed to do because of organizational paralysis.  Reversing illegal immigration is the intractable problem.  The electorate is the organization.  Trump is the change agent.


Reforming Islam:  Speaking of things we deny can be done, there are a few that are legitimate:  We can’t (yet) reverse the force of gravity on earth, we can’t go backward or forward in time, and we can’t reform Islam.  There are people who believe Islam can be “reformed.” By “reformed” they think of the un-Islamic tame and passive variety that existed between 1683 and 1983.  That was a period of Islamic heresy and remission.  ISIS and al Qaeda represent true Islamic reformation:  A return to a pure and unadulterated form of Islam that Muhammad practiced and intended.  Reforming Islam, like reversing time, is one of those things that cannot be done without making it something other than Islam.  Islam is as likely to be reformed as a serial killer or a scorpion.  Islam without fascism, intolerance, supremacism, and violence is not Islam.  It is a pipe dream.  But Islam can be contained, but only by measures we have not yet convinced ourselves we need to take.



The Presidential Election:  There is a good chance the Democrats will win.  Most Republicans were shocked that Obama won the second election – we fully expected the electorate to catch on.  They didn’t.  We now believe we are at a “now or never” point, expecting to win in 2016.  We may not.  A recent poll shows that if Hillary drops out because of her legal (lying) troubles, Bernie Sanders is likely to beat the Republican front runners.  I don’t know how valid that particular poll is, but such idiocy would not surprise me.  With the nurses union, the postal union, most ignorant Millennials, government employees, illegal illegal [no “sic”] alien voters, dead people, and the masses on welfare wanting a larger and larger government, the dwindling number of responsible adult voters may not hold sway.

Good luck and good night. 

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Brother Michael said...

Sad, but telling: Mizzou has been legendary over the years for its large and influential college of journalism. Many of the nation’s prominent (meaning most liberal) journalists are Mizzou graduates. All the pieces fit together.