Friday, November 20, 2015

Disgusting attempts at moral equivalency between Jews and Muslims; US citizens and Nazi Germany

In the world of the left and those ignorant of Islam and history, here is the attempted double dose of moral equivalency:

Trump and his supporters = Nazi Germany

Judaism = Islam

The careless and mindless mainstream media strikes again. They are clones of Hillary and Barack in their claims that there is nothing to concern us about Islam or Muslims.  Their mantra:  Muslims are peace-loving and Islam is a religion of peace.

The cow dung icing on the dog pile of disingenuous slander for me was the media’s portrayal of Trump’s consideration of keeping better tabs on Muslims in the United States.  According to Yahoo news,

“Republican presidential rivals rushed Friday to condemn Donald Trump's support for a government database to track Muslims in the United States, drawing a sharp distinction with the Republican front-runner on a proposal also deemed unconstitutional by legal experts.”

In another exchange reported by the New York Times,

[Trump was] Asked later, as he signed autographs, how such a database would be different from Jews having to register in Nazi Germany, Mr. Trump repeatedly said, “You tell me,” until he stopped responding to the question.

Wait a minute.  Did that reporter just now compare Jews with Muslims?  Did he attempt to portray a moral equivalency between Judaism and Islam?  Is he suggesting Muslims are as innocent as Jews? Is he suggesting that because Jews, whose religious doctrines and practice posed no threat to anyone but were registered and slaughtered by Nazi’s justifies a “hands off” treatment of Muslims who have an opposite record of apoplectic intolerance and violence?

Did that reporter just now compare Trump and his supporters to the blatant anti-Semitism and attempted genocide of Jews by Nazi’s?

Indeed he did.  That reporter only portrayed his ignorance of history and the teachings of two major belief systems.

Here is what Trump stated on his Twitter account:

I didn't suggest a database-a reporter did. We must defeat Islamic terrorism & have surveillance, including a watch list, to protect America

Apparently Cruz, Rubio, and Bush are as ignorant as the media about the difference between the Nazis monitoring Jews and the US monitoring Muslims.  They all used the occasion to condemn Trump for daring to suggest that Muslims should be monitored or registered.  No one suggested putting them in ovens.

The last two decades and especially the last few months have given us overwhelming evidence of two things:

  • Islam is a radical, intolerant political belief system that breeds and motivates dozens of terror groups around the world; and
  • Our leaders are engaged in blatant lies and deception in their indefensible and unwarranted defense of Islam.
  • Several Republican candidates have joined the delusion.

Here are facts to consider:

  • Millions of “moderate” Muslims around the globe support what the radicals are doing.
  • There is a propensity for many “moderate” Muslims  to become “radicalized” themselves.
  • Centuries of Islamic doctrine and practice are reflected in exactly what the so-called ‘radicals”, e.g. ISIS, al Qaeda and dozens of other “radical” Islamic groups are doing. (HERE is a list of terror groups, the overwhelming majority being Islamic.)
  • So-called “radical” Muslims are the ones who most devoutly practice fundamentalist or orthodox Islam.
  • Based solely on Islamic doctrine and the interpretation and implementation of that doctrine through the centuries, there is a potential for 1.57 billion “lone wolf” attacks by Muslims.

Trump’s mention of some form of increased monitoring of Muslims is certainly an option worth evaluating if not implement sooner than later.  Beyond that, I do not doubt that our government is already performing a good measure of monitoring and cataloging Muslims throughout the nation and abroad, despite Obama’s purging of the truth about Islam from the government’s lexicon and training sessions.

The defense of Islam and slander of Trump by our government and several Republican candidates is a sign of one or more errors:

  1. Ignorance of Islam, its founder, doctrines, and history
  2. A case of the Stockholm syndrome – an attempt to go along to get along
  3. They have known some “nice Muslims” but ignore their doctrine of taqiyya that promotes befriending while deceiving.

Concerned about encroachment into religious freedoms?  Understand the fact that the terror and intolerance promoted by Islam is much more political than religious.  Islam is more “political ideology” on the order of Nazism than it is a religion on the order of Judaism or Presbyterianism.

As a reminder, The Religion of Peace, HERE, is a website that tracks the dozens of terror attacks committed by Muslims in the name of the Boy Scouts Islam each month.

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