Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ISIS = Islam: Deceptive Obama denial

ISIS is not our only problem.  The focus is misplaced.

Obama and his fellow progressives, leftist, and Islamic apologists are hoping we can’t add two and two concerning the reality of the plague of Islam.  Amazingly, even so-called “right wing” media like The Five on FOX contend ISIS has little or nothing to do with Islam – agreeing with Hillary that Islam is “peaceful and tolerant.”  And only a couple of Cobra’s are poisonous, otherwise they make great pets.

I have some math that most of us understand.  It isn’t the new math.  It’s the old math of observation, logic and common sense.

Here it is:

ISIS=example of Muhammad=the Qur’an=1,400 years of doctrine=Islam.


Islam minus radical Islam=apostate Islam=no Islam

What we ignorantly call “radical Islam”=military arm of Islam

What we ignorantly call “moderate Islam”=deception=taqiyya

Moderate Muslims=sympathizers of radical Islam = tomorrow’s “radicals”

Obama=A or B

A=Muslim wishing to subvert and destroy our nation

B=Islamic sympathizer wishing to subvert and destroy our nation

Anyway, you get the drift.   I, for one, consider those who believe that only “radical Islam” is the problem are misunderstanding Islam. 

“Radical Islam” is the militant/jihadist/terrorist arm of the Islamic political ideology every bit as much as the German SS was the enforcer of Nazi interests.  The “moral”, financial, political, and legal support of the “radicals” is provided by the “moderates.”  The moderates keep their jihadi-wannabe hands clean by using our freedoms and institutions to support the “radicals.”  And, according to Obama, anyone who sees through this Islamic scam hate orphans and widows.

Might I remind my Islamic-apologist friends that 3, 5, and 10 year old Muslim kids in the Middle East and North Africa are shown videos of how to kill, behead, and shoot, and are given personal training and rewards for learning those skill sets to use against the infidel.  Might I remind my Islamic-apologist friends that widows strap bombs to the chests, as the woman in Paris did today.  So Obama’s attempted guilt tripping us with his “widows and orphans” BS is Obama=A or B.

This all begs the question:  Why are our leaders in Congress and our 4th estate, the media, so blind to the math that reveals this whole Islamic Trojan Horse infiltration and deception?  We are, IMHO, under siege by our own federal government. 

What I find especially brilliant (in a very taqiyya-esque way) is that Obama’s Islamic-pandering government not only fails to acknowledge the total incompatibility of the Islamic belief system with American culture and values, it not only denies that “moderates” are also a problem, but it denies that ISIS, al Qaeda, jihad, those who shout Allahu Akbar while shooting or blowing things up, Islamic terror, Imams who proclaim “death to America” or any of a thousand similar tidbits of reality have ANYTHING to do with Islam.

In a sane world wouldn’t one who denies reality as Obama is doing be determined to be unfit for office or any other job?  Why have we become so tolerant of lies and insults?   I have my theories, but I’ll save them for a later blog.

Things to ponder as you read the news over the next several days and weeks:

  • Is Islam primarily a religion or a political ideology?
  • Should Islam, given its doctrines and practice of supremacism, intolerance, hate, terror, and sharia, be afforded the rights of a “religion”?
  • Or should it be considered a seditious political ideology?
  • Should we agree with Congressman Ryan that there should be no religious test for Syrian immigrants to the US?
  • Or, based on a rational finding that Middle Eastern Muslims are likely to abide by Islam as a seditious political ideology, should we ban all Muslims from immigrating to the US?
  • How long should we wait to determine the consequences of a significant Muslim population in this country?

This is the latest ISIS propaganda video showing their wishes for New York City…

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Brother Michael said...

I'll add my 2 cents' worth:
1) We need to absolutely stop treating Islam as a "religion." It is a barbaric socio-political system with a barbaric pseudo religion as a dominant sinister element.
2) Ryan is right in not using "religion" as a test for refugee entrance to the U.S. To use religion as a test would legitimize Islam as a religion. We just want to keep potential terrorists out. In reality, terrorists could potentially include all Muslims!