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Once we honestly acknowledge the Islamic threat, what should we do about it?

The US is far from honestly acknowledging the threat to our freedoms and nation from Islamic supremacism and intolerance, both here and abroad.

We have na├»ve political leaders, juvenile, Pollyanish media, and indifferent Christian and Jewish institutions.  Presidents and Popes insist Islam is a religion of peace while Islam’s founder, texts, doctrine, history, and current events provide mounds of irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Social research assumptions are partly to blame.  Here is an example of assumptions in a 2011 PEW Study of Muslim AmericansMuch of this particular study is very superficial. 

For example, when it addresses "devoutness" of Muslims, it focuses on "belief in Allah", belief in Muhammad, belief in Islamic doctrine.  It does not address specific Islamic doctrine like jihad, Jew hatred, how the infidel is treated, treatment of women, etc.. 

It ignores the great likelihood that surveyed Muslims are reluctant to express their true feelings and beliefs.  The study appears to ignore the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya (lying and dissimulation to deceive or avoid conflict).  On page 7 where it discusses Muslim concerns about extremism, the study ignores the fact that Islamic beliefs may not be extreme, but perfectly normal and right to Muslims, while the same Muslim beliefs will be perceived by Western sensibilities, morality, and culture as extreme and an existential threat.

FBI: Officials taking report about ISIS threat seriously at Philips Arena

Consequently, the survey’s conclusions fail to address the growing Islamic problem in this country.

If the surveys' shortcomings that assume cultural equivalency and ignore specific Islamic doctrines were properly addressed, I have no doubt that a 2015 survey would be much more ominous.

The consequence of all of this misdiagnosis of the problem is accommodation - accommodation and mindless tolerance for a belief system and culture that is incompatible with most values of our own belief systems and culture. 

Continued accommodation and tolerance will unequivocally lead to the death of the West.

A  paradigm shift is desperately needed in American thinking to prevent what otherwise will surely lead to conflict, violence and upheaval in our nation.

While I personally believe that such paradigm shift is far away or may never occur, it provides a ray of hope for me to consider what such paradigm shift would look like.

Such shift needs to involve four components:

  • Defining and admitting the problem:  Admit that Islam, the belief system, is more “political ideology” than “religion”, and as such is a seditious system on the order of those who desire to subvert our government with fascism or communism, and NOT worthy of religious protections.
  • Adjust military policy:  Adjust “rules of engagement” to those of desperation we felt during WWII; acknowledge that civilians are complicit and not off limits; act as if we need to win to save our asses.
  • Strengthen immigration policy: Build walls, enforce existing immigration laws; vet immigrants on the basis of political and ideological beliefs; specifically reject believers in Sharia; prevent entrance by Muslims who have previously sided with our enemies, those from nations that persecute Christians, and those that are declared enemies.
  • Aggressively implement a deportation policy: Deport Muslims who advocate for Sharia, who promote, fund, or participate in jihad, or who aid or advocate for Muslim jihad overseas.

There are several examples of nations that have implemented one or more of the above policies.

From the BBC, here is a description of Australia's “Stop the boats” policy:

  • The previous Labor government reintroduced offshore processing in Nauru and Papua New Guinea in September 2012 - a policy it had ended in 2008 - whereby it pays outsourced contractors to operate and provide security at temporary detention camps for asylum seekers on the Pacific islands
  • It also reached a deal with Papua New Guinea that any asylum seekers judged to be genuine refugees would be resettled in Papua New Guinea, not Australia
  • The current Liberal-National coalition government adopted Labor's policies and expanded them, introducing Operation Sovereign Borders, which put the military in control of asylum operations
  • Under this policy military vessels patrol Australian waters and intercept migrant boats, towing them back to Indonesia or sending asylum seekers back in inflatable dinghies or lifeboats
  • In 2013 some 300 boats carrying illegal migrants reached Australia. In 2014 the number was just one.

Geert Wilders, a member of the Netherlands parliament who is a worldwide advocate for the truth about Islam has a plan for Muslim migrants in Europe as reported by American

“The current invasion of Europe by Middle-Easterners no doubt contributes to the PVV’s current popularity. Mr. Wilders strongly opposes the open-door policy of the European Union and favors the Australian approach of sending back all illegal immigrants. Furthermore, the party wants to reintroduce border controls within the European Union and house all refugees in their own regions.”

The Cadillac of all national policies is Japan’s as reported by Cherson and in an article titled “Islamic Terrorism:  Why There is None in Japan.  Here are some relevant excerpts:

Muslim terrorists can be proud: their share in world terrorist attacks is now close to 100%.

Seems there is not a single country where Muslims would not show their true colors… But no! There is such a country. It’s one of the most developed countries on Earth, and its democratic nature is recognized worldwide, a true ally of the USA and a member of NATO. However, with all this, there was not a single terrorist attack perpetrated by Muslims in this country. Moreover, there was not a single, even minor, riot, disturbance or protest, no matter how many citizens of this country support cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published in some Danish newspaper or in a French magazine.

The name of this lucky country is Japan.

What Japan didn’t do…

Of course, Japan achieved this by some super effective integration policy, through using the most advanced technologies and assigning billions of yen on the building of thousands of mosques and Islamic schools all over Japan, banning pork in all public places, introducing separate hours for boys and girls in swimming pools in all public schools, and Japanese male doctors do not dare touch their female patients, Muslim women get immense social aid each time they have a child, Shari´a courts were introduced in the judicial system of Japan, and the Koran is considered a Holy Book in Japan…

What Japan did do…

No, nothing of the kind. What Japan did to avoid problems related to Muslims was much simpler and cheaper; Japan is practically closed to Muslims.

Officially, immigration to Japan is not closed to Muslims. But the number of the immigration permits given to the applicants from Islamic countries is very low. Obtaining a working visa is not easy for adepts of Islam, even if they are physicians, engineers and managers sent by foreign companies that are active in the region. As a result, Japan is “a country without Muslims”.

There is no reliable estimate on the Japanese Muslim population. However, claims of thirty thousand made by some researchers are without doubt an exaggeration. Some claim that there are only a few hundred. This probably amounts to the number of Muslims openly practicing Islam. Asked to give an estimate on the actual number of Muslims in Japan, the ex-president of the Japan Islamic Association Abu Bakr Morimoto replied, “To say frankly, only one thousand. In the broadest sense, I mean, if we do not exclude those who became Muslims for the sake of, say marriage, and do not practice then the number would be a few thousand.”

One of the leaders of the Muslim community in Japan,  Nur Ad-Din Mori, was asked: “What percentage of Japan’s total population are Muslims?” He responded, “The answer at the moment is: One out of a hundred thousand.”

Japan’s population is 130 million people, so if these Muslim leaders are correct, then there must be around 1300 Muslims. But even those  Muslims who obtained immigration permits and lived many years in the country have very poor chances of becoming Japanese citizens.

Japan officially forbids exhorting people to adopt the religion of Islam (Dawah), and any Muslim who actively encourages conversion to Islam is seen as proselytizing to a foreign and undesirable culture. Too active “promoters of Islam” face deportation- and sometimes even a jail sentence.

The Arabic language is taught by very few academic institutes; I could find only one such institute: The Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo. But even the International University of Japan in Tokyo does not offer courses on Arabic or Islamic languages.

Importing the Koran in Arabic is practically impossible, and the only one permitted is the “adapted” version in Japanese.

Until recently, there were only two mosques in Japan: Tokyo Jama Masjid and Kobe Mosque. Now, the total number of Muslim praying sites in Japan is counted in some 30 single story mosques and about a hundred apartment rooms set aside for prayers.

And Japanese society expects Muslims to pray at home: no collective “prostrating” in the streets or squares; in Japan, for such “shows” the actors can get pretty high fines, and in those cases Japanese Police consider “serious”, the participants can be deported.

Quite often, Japanese companies seeking foreign workers specifically note that they are not interested in Muslims.

There is not even a trace of a Shari´a Law in Japan, and halal food is extremely difficult to find in there.

The Japanese tend to perceive Islam as a “strange  and dangerous religion” that a true Japanese should avoid, and the recent murders of two Japanese nationals, Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto, by ISIS have not contributed to any improvement in the opinions of the Japanese on this matter.

And the most  interesting thing in the Japanese approach to Muslims is the fact that the Japanese do not feel any guilt for such a “discriminatory” approach to Islam, and they evidently do not think they should  apologize to Muslims for the negative way in which they perceive their religion. Arab gas and oil- yes, and Japan maintains good relations with Arab exporters. But Islam – no, and Muslim immigration- neither. Islam is something that is suitable for others, not for Japan, and therefore the Muslims must remain outside.

And Muslims in Japan do not riot, they do not brand the Japanese “racists”, they do not burn cars, smash windows, behead Japanese soldiers for having been in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else on Earth – and not a single Japanese has been victim of a Muslim terrorist attack on Japanese soil in the last 30 years.

Maybe Europe and the USA should look at the Japanese model of dealing with Muslims more closely?

Is it too late?  Are we so heavily “blessed” with Muslims, both civilians and those in high places in our various governments that no meaningful restraints to Islamic morphing of the US is possible.  Unfortunately, I have no reason to believe the current trend is reversible?  The necessary “paradigm shift” is not likely to occur in time.

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