Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama’s hollow threat to Syria: Portrait of a fool

President Obama’s threats against Syria make him a fool on so many levels.

What would be the Syrian government’s motives to gas civilians?  Isn’t a false flag attack by the rebels a more likely scenario?  Are we convinced that only the Assad government controls possession of all the gas-laden weapons and means to launch them?  Weren’t the targets random, as if there was little command and control behind their firing, as if the rebels forces coordinated a “hail Mary” multiple launch?  The Brotherhood and the rest of the Islamic terrorists have demonstrated their proficiency at coordinated terror attacks.

Another report indicates that Saudi Arabia supplied the chemical weapons to Syrian rebels.

What would a superficial attack – a slap on the wrist, so to speak – against Syria accomplish?  Do we really believe if it was the Syrian government that did the gassing that a few dozen cruise missiles would reverse such behavior?  Where would that action lead if Assad continued that behavior, assuming he did it in the first place?  Would we have to send in another round of cruise missiles?  A no fly zone?  Troops?  More democratizing of another Islamic nation that is as sensible as feeding Porterhouse to dogs.

And what about the reaction of Syria’s close ally, Russia, and the dozen Muslim nations in the Middle East that have conflicting views on both Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood – and mostly hate the US except as an oil customer.

And now, what happens if Obama and the US do NOTHING, after all the blustering threats and “Red Lines?”  There is no place for fool Obama to hide on this one.  He has made his fool’s bed and he now needs to lie in it.

Read this story about US military officers having deep concerns about Obama’s threats HERE.

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