Sunday, August 18, 2013

Is Russia behaving better than the US?

In many anti-Communist books and pamphlets over the decades we are warned that one of  the USSR’s most effective tactics against the US is to encourage decadence – hasten our moral corruption until we become an inert, neutered, self-absorbed, impotent, and corrupt nation.

To judge the real cause of our current moral condition is tricky.  Its difficult to know how much is self-created and how much was influenced by outside interests.  But we cannot deny we have become as decadent a country as exists on the planet.  We are the world’s greatest exporter of licentious movies, music, TV, porn.   Progressives, liberals, socialists and Communists love Hollywood.

With decadence comes corruption, both in industry and government.  And, might I add, loss of privacy and freedoms.  The NSA and IRS snooping scandal, selective law enforcement against political enemies, invasive airport pat downs of average citizens, out of control spending and entitlements causing half the population to be government dependent instead of independent and self-sufficient are all stark testimony to our nation’s decline.

Why did Snowden go to Russia?  Is he that stupid?  Is he a Commy spy?   A traitor?  Or does he know things that we don’t?

There are a number of indications that Russia is on a better track to preserve its morality and national interests than we in the US are.  Here a a few:

Why does the US government support the Muslim Brotherhood which is known to be a violent and seditious arm of Islamic Jihad; and Russia outlaws them?  Up until recently, Russia was considering softening its Brotherhood restrictions to strengthen ties with Egypt.  But you can bet that all such proposed “softenings” are now off the table with Egypt’s overthrow and suppression of the Brotherhood.

Pro-homo folks in the US believe that Russia’s anti-gay-flaunting laws are awful.  Those with higher moral standards (some in the US; more in Russia) believe they are essential to maintain social order.

Pravda claims the US is concerned about Christianity in Russia as a result of Russia’s laws against promoting homosexuality.  THIS ARTICLE may contain a healthy dose of Russian propaganda, but it correctly portrays the differences between Russian and US Christian moral standards.

Russia has a “flat tax” at a rate that is much lower than the “progressive” federal income tax in the US.

Articles in Russia’s Pravda newspaper declare Obama a “Communist”.  Coming from Pravda, that is quite a claim.  Many in the US feel the same way.  Is it possible that the US has become more Communist than Russia?  And Trevor Loudon documents this piece of trivia HERE.

There are significant indications that the US has become something it never was (Obama’s ‘hope and change’ that brought about ‘radical transformation’) while Russia has become something that we in the US might consider aspiring to.

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