Saturday, August 17, 2013

Muslims planning “Million Muslim March” on 9-11 to protest anti-Muslim bigotry…

How many ways are there to describe “insane audacity” of Muslims to declare such grotesque excuses for a march my Muslims on 9-11?  We thought the ground zero Mega-Mosque was Islamic hubris.  That pales.

Synonyms for bigotry include: 

intolerance, narrow-mindedness, opinionatedness, partisanship, sectarianism, small-mindedness

Here is what is narrow-minded and small-minded:  Anyone whose mind is so infinitesimally tiny that they don’t understand the evil of Islam and the insanity of any Muslim who proposes or participates in that march.

As for “intolerance”:  Islam is the personification of “intolerance.” 

As for opinionatedness, here is mine:  Muslims that propose or participate in that march can go strait into the lake of fire.  So call me a bigot.

And “partisanship”":  Islam is the bane of the earth and needs to be eradicated.  But some Muslims may be “good people”, just terribly brainwashed and confused.  (This is part of my attempt to practice “hate the sin [Islam] and tolerate the sinner [Muslims].”)

And finally, sectarianism:  The sect of Islam is inferior to all other religions and is a real and present danger to humanity.

By the way, the very idea of calling someone a “bigot” for their beliefs makes the accuser a bigot, so it really ends up being a useless term that most of us are unnecessarily offended by.

I’ll provide a preemptive tidbit:  Some may call the above opinions “hateful.”  Is it still tolerable in this “tolerate everything” culture to hate evil?  Well, I do.

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