Thursday, August 15, 2013

Obama vs. Christians

This is a Coptic Christian church in Egypt that was recently torched by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  President Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  He was instrumental in influencing Mubarck’s ouster and bringing the Brotherhood to power in Egypt.  Remember Director of National Intelligence’s James Clappers infamous statement declaring the Brotherhood is “largely secular.”  Yes, as secular as Satan.

The Brotherhood:  “If you see a Christian, kill him.”

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood behind Benghazi.

From Fox News a few months ago:

"The term 'Muslim Brotherhood' ... is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam," Clapper said.

But the DNI later issued a statement to "clarify" that claim.

"To clarify Director Clapper's point, in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood makes efforts to work through a political system that has been, under Mubarak's rule, one that is largely secular in its orientation. He is well aware that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a secular organization," DNI spokesperson Jamie Smith said.”

Clapper and Smith are both ignorant Obama tools.  “Largely secular and eschewed violence.”  Yah, sure, you betcha.

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