Sunday, June 24, 2012

Obama secures Muslim Brotherhood win in Egypt

Another item on Obama’s “destroy America first” and “love Islam more” agenda can be ticked off.

His brash promotion of the Islamic radicals during the “Arab Spring” has paid off:

Muslim Brotherhood Wins Egypt’s Presidential Election

We all understand that the leadership throughout the Muslim world has been authoritarian and brutal.  What we fail to realize is the the population is not endowed with the peace-loving, civilized Judeo-Christian culture and moral foundation, either.  Leaders in Islamic nations must deal with the morality of centuries of Islamic indoctrination where kids from the age of 4 are taught to hate and fight – where inbreeding is a doctrine of their Islamic ideology, where short tempers and violence are as commonplace as saying “howdy” in Texas.

Authoritarian and brutal leadership fit the bill given the violent predisposition of these various Arab Spring populations.  But Obama could not let sleeping dogs lie.  His love of Islam compelled him to join the fray in favor of yet more radical Islamists under the false flag of “democracy.”  As Islamic Prime Minister Erdogan aptly stated about his 97% Muslim Turkey:  “Democracy is like a bus – you get on it and you get off…”  Democracy, and most other western institutions, are tools of Islam to secure Islamic rule and domination, and ultimately impose their vaunted and utterly intolerant Islamic Law, aka “Sharia.” 

This transition is nearly complete in Egypt.  Democracy prevailed for a few months until the more militant and better organized Brotherhood prevailed over more secular minded Muslims and the Coptic Christian minority.  Egypt is roughly 80% Muslim with most of the balance Christian.  Unless the military intervenes resulting in prolonged violent and bloody Brotherhood-inspired street riots, we will see Sharia imposed in the coming months.  There will be either an increase in mass persecution or a mass exodus of the Copts.

This is a perfect example of how a minority of radicals (that Obama supported) can dominate a majority.  There is no doubt that the orthodox Islamic methods of lying, intimidation, and violence (various forms of Islamic Jihad that Romney claims is no part of Islam) helped promote the Brotherhood victory.  Sounds like the Chicago-styled politics Obama is so fond of.

So, in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, and likely in Syria , instead of  well-controlled, quasi-secular, fairly inert and mild-mannered Islamic states, we can expect rabidly Islamic, overtly Israel-hating, America-loathing Muslim leadership breaking treaties, creating massive instability in the region and serving as well-shielded training fields for additional hoards of Jihadi terrorists that, of course, have nothing to do with Islam.

Way to go Barack!

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