Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you are an Obama supporter you are in really crappy company

There is an old adage:  “We are known by the company we keep.”  This is just as true about the candidates we support.   Those who support Obama really need to be concerned about their reputation.

The company Obama keeps, and the element of America that supports him, leaves a lot to be desired:

Communists and Muslims in the US endorse Barack Obama: This announcement was made last year by the Communist Party USA.  If that isn’t bad enough, it is no secret that Obama is the popular favorite among most Muslims.  These are things voters need to be reminded about. 
"So what?" you ask.  In the 20th century Communist revolutions and governments were responsible for killing over 90 million souls.  Muslims are in the process of committing over 100 acts of terror atrocities per month in the name of Allah
Have you bothered to ask yourselves why Communists and Muslims would support this man?

This doesn’t even include those who suck off the government’s entitlement teats and the number of racists who voted for him and will still vote for him primarily because he is (partly) black.

All crappy company indeed!

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