Thursday, June 28, 2012

The arson version of “fast and furious”…

Islamic Arson in Colorado?

HERE is a video from ABC news originally broadcast in May 2012 reporting that Al Qaeda plans to start forest fires in the Western US via the use of “ember bombs.”  These terrorist  acts were proposed through the Islamic magazine “Inspire.”   The magazine urged,

“A well placed firebomb could terrorize large areas of the country.”

This “terror by wild fire” was  also reported by “Wildfire Today” website HEREThe magazine “inspires” Muslims to carry out acts of terror in the US and elsewhere.

As this blog is being written, hundreds of square miles of Colorado are burning, destroying hundreds of homes and threatening cities.

American authorities said they could take out the Islamic “Inspire” magazine at any time but it is left up because it provides a valuable intelligence tool and allows authorities to track those who visit the site.   Did you catch that?  An Islamic publication that encourages people all over the world to commit very specific acts of terror against the US and others is allowed to continue operating?  That is like letting the leader of the arsnonist team in a crowded theatre continue yelling “fire” to his team of arsonists so we can see who will actually burn down the theatre. 

This is sickeningly similar to the “Fast and Furious” debacle where the US government released guns to track drug cartels without actually tracking where they went or how they were used until they were used against US citizens.  They are both “sting operations gone bad.”  Instead of gun-walking, it is flame-thrower-walking.

The results of both “Fast and Furious” and allowing a Muslim magazine to continue urging terror and destruction of vast areas of the American West is like lighting a back fire in the middle of a gas station.  The  results are uncontrolable and the consequences to innocent Americans is the same.  These actions expose Americans as helpless pawns in the Justice Departments ill conceived tracking game.

Hundreds of homeowners in Colorado may be the innocent victims of the ember bomb version of Fast and Furious.

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