Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama the anti-America internationalist

Why on earth would a president of ANY country choose to open up the job market to illegal aliens while the nation is experiencing record unemployment in the worst economy in 70 years.

This is exactly what Barack Obama has done with his new amnesty decree.  There will be 800,000 formerly illegal aliens who will now become legally eligible to compete for scarce jobs with legitimate US citizens in our depressed jobs market.


The answer: Obama’s world view.  Being an internationalist at heart, with most of his ancestors still residing in a third world country, with his religious background being one at odds with our Judeo-Christian heritage, and with most of his associates having a great disdain for capitalism and a republican form government, is there any wonder?

Even if you are a bleeding heart who believes that people who live in the US illegally should be given the full rights of a US citizen without any strings attached, you have to admit two things:

1.  The midst of our worst recession and highest unemployment rate in decades is the wrong time to implement such policy, and

2.  The manner it was done, the unilateral Executive Branch edict circumventing Congress, makes a mockery of our three branch constitutional government.  I will not be surprised if numerous constitutional legal challenges ensue.

This is just another reason why only ignorant fools would again vote for Obama except perhaps for the position of Chief Imam of the Caliphate.  America and her citizens don’t matter to this internationalist usurper.

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