Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why moderation toward Islam won’t work

Today I heard one possible defense of the terminal political correctness concerning Islam embraced by most of our political leaders.  And it comes from law enforcement professionals.

Here it is: 

Don’t offend Muslims with the truth: They may be our best snitches.

Here is the rationale.  If we avoid the truth about Islam – it’s historical intolerance, its advocacy and practice of violent Jihadism,  its hatred of Jews and Christians,  its vile treatment of women, its lying and deceit to further its cause, its barbaric Sharia law, and its demands for tolerance from the infidel – if we disassociate Islam from all of these beliefs and practices, we will be less likely to offend Muslims and better able to recruit Muslim informants so we can discover the really bad stuff being promoted by the “radicals” within Islam.

Mitt Romney has done this by saying “Jihadism is no part of Islam.”  Did he say this so that we can gain the confidence of “moderate” Muslims to assist in our intelligence gathering efforts against the “radicals?”  Or did he say it out of ignorance?  It is hard to tell the difference.   Either way – an accommodation tactic or ignorance - it is not the truth.

The question becomes:  How do we “not offend” and tell the truth at the same time?  Especially since the Muslim version of slander isn’t our version of slander:  Lies to demean the good character of another.  The Muslim understanding of slander is anything that offends, whether it is the truth or not.  The Islamic culture will not tolerate the truth if it offends them.  They consider such truth “immoral” just as much as we (well, most of us) consider lying immoral.

So, the standard that we need to accept so that we do not offend Muslims is to avoid the truth about Islam.  This appears to be the course that most of our politicians have adopted, including much of our law enforcement.

The problems with this approach will ensure our defeat as a nation and culture.

First and foremost, it sacrifices the very core of the morality upon which our nation is founded and continues to exist:  Truth.  If we are forced to evade the truth about an enemy that seeks to destroy us, we have lost.

Which brings up the second problem -  ignoring the first rule in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”:  Know your enemy.  More completely, it reads:

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

In a republic such as we are endowed with, if the truth about the enemy is kept from the masses, it is the same as the enemy not being known. The people, if kept in ignorance, will not be informed well enough to elect the leadership required for our survival.  The people are kept in the dark.  This is the sad consequence whether the intelligence community and political leadership know the truth or not.

The third problem is that the strategy of not offending Muslims has its roots in the mistake of considering Islam a religion.  This results in our blind defense of Muslims.    Why do we do this?  We feel that it is un-Christian, or unkind, or inappropriate to insult Muslims because we are conditioned to accept ALL religions as worthy of respect and protection.  This certainly wasn’t true concerning Warren Jeffs of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who now spends his life in jail.  What is the difference?  He based his actions on the teaching of his religion.  Here it is:  Muslims are excellent at playing victim and threatening others with litigation or intimidation of various sorts.  The rest of us are not that good at playing the victim card.

If not a religion, then what is Islam?  And what difference will it make in how we tip-toe around their “rights” and how much we feel it necessary to respect, condone, and protect their actions?

Since the majority of the verses of Islam’s sacred texts and teaching center on the infidel, how evil he is, how inferior he is, how he is to be treated, and how he is to be governed, judged, and punished, then Islam is clearly a political ideology every bit as much as Fascism and Communism are.

Once Islam is identified for what it is, an intolerant, fascist, seditious political ideology hell-bent on destroying our nation and our freedoms, then the “informants” will come out of the woodwork.  We won’t have to worry about lying – hiding the truth about Islam – so that we can attract snitches.  In my mind, when the truth becomes the predominant value, what were formerly illegitimate “snitches” become legitimate “informants.”  The morality of our battle would be raised several notches by being truthful about who our enemy is instead of being deceptive and politically correct out of expediency.

We should not encourage any aspect of Islam by believing there is a moderate Islam worthy of our respect or protection and a “radical” Islam that is the only problem.  Islam is the problem.  There may be non-practicing Muslims, those who are ignorant of or indifferent to Islamic teaching.  That does not make one a moderate Muslim.  It makes one a non-Muslim.

Here is the essence of the truth about Islam and why we cannot afford withholding the facts about it:

  • The majority of Islam’s “Holy Scriptures” describe the evils of the unbeliever, how he is to be treated, what is required of him and how the unbeliever (infidel) and unworthy Muslim shall be governed, judged, and punished.
  • This makes Islam a political ideology – an ideology that mandates the beliefs and behavior of others.
  • Many abrogating sections of the Qur’an call for the killing of Jews and other infidels.
  • This makes Islam an intolerant, supremacist fascist ideology.
  • Islam demands tolerance by the infidel while demanding intolerance toward the infidel.
  • Western culture requires tolerance of all religions and considers Islam a religion.
  • We are applying our tolerance to protect Islam so it can destroy us.

This is why Islam should NOT be considered a religion.  This is why moderation toward Islam won’t work.


Vella said...

We are dealing with a 7th Century mindset!What does that consist of? Ignorance, darkness,heathenism(?), and
Teaching your children hate, intolerance, murder and pure evil!

My mind says, can it really be that bad? Are there really people like that on earth? My heart says, "shutter and fear", it is true!

We have to be smarter, stop them DEAD in their tracks! How? Rely on a power higher than ourselves! I think of the picture of God that is written in Ezekiel 10:9-20.

No one man has the answer. I think "only God"! He will intervene...I love prophecy, but there are so many different interpretations..

We pray and trust and do what we feel led to do, like tell the truth to those who will listen. It is a Spiritual battle!! My heart breaks when I see women and children killed for someone else's profit or glory, proclaiming they are martyrs! They are ignorant fools! Uncivilized!!

It also breaks my heart to hear and see those people who want to "talk with them" and pacify them. That is "fooling with the Devil" in my book!!
(Esp Muslim Brotherhood)

I learned a long time ago that ignorance is one of, if not the most difficult thing to deal with!!

They will tread very hard on moderation...they know not what it means!! My way is all they know or are taught!

How can we "be smarter"?? I have seen a few "glimpses" of hope...Division between the ranks of "Shia","Sunni", Wahabbi"(?), etc! Moderates who really love living in America and being "free" of the legalities of Islam. Maybe an appeal to those who want nothing to do with Sharia Law?? We need to fill the void that Islam will leave in their lives! Something better!! The love and mercy they have never had that is taught by Jesus!!

I hope my "ramblings" make sense. I am not without hope, they are blind and cannot see!! It is like a "stench" on civilization! There are "good people" among them, I'm sure...we need to find them!

BrM said...

You said it all. I totally agree. Unfortunately I don't think we can change "official" references to islam as a socio-political ideology like communism or fascism, but we can certainly change our references. Like quit describing it as a religion in normal conversation or in blogs. At every opportunity point out that it isn't "just" a religion and why. We need to get the general public on board to make the truth mainstream. Only then can the wave influence our government. Imagine the impact if and when islam were treated like communism or fascism rather than a religion in tax law and civil law. Right now they're tax exempt and can build mosques in virtually any residential neighborhood--just like churches. Whoa!