Monday, January 23, 2012

Hundreds of military tanks move in California…

Take a look at this video of a very long train full of military tanks heading southbound south of Santa Cruz, California…

Then tell me what you think these tanks are going to be used for.


A.  Recently manufactured as routine replacement in various parts of the world.

B.  For use in the Middle East/Iran

C.  For use in Korea

D. For use in the United States.

E.  All of the above

F.  Other ______________________________________________

I could understand that these tanks were simply new off the production line if there were a merely dozen or so being transported such as we see when new cars are in transit, 6 or 8 at a time, on auto carriers on the Interstates.  But this many tanks in one haul represents a major repositioning.

I lived in South Florida during the Cuban Missile crisis and remember seeing convoys of military vehicles of this magnitude heading toward Homestead Air Force Base.  That sight gave pause.


JRH said...

Probably being used to escort the illegals into our country.

BrM said...

Certainly cause to question.