Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florida Highway Patrol Priorities Screwed Up

Several months ago the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) made the news with their illegal, self-serving practice of citing drivers for flashing their headlights at oncoming vehicles to warn of a speed trap ahead.  Apparently some officers were put off by the good Samaritans who kept others from getting ticketed which messed up the cop’s quotas for the month.

Today the FHP made the news by failing to close off a section of I-75 north of Orlando where they were aware of heavy smoke and fog resulting in 12 deaths.

Twelve cars and seven semi’s were involved in the accident.  More HERE.  The FHP closed the road briefly, and inexplicably opened it up again.  Moments later the deadly crashes began.

Let’s see:  Ticketing drivers for encouraging other drivers to slow down and then failing to close down a highway resulting in a dozen deaths.  Hmmmm.

It seems obvious to me that some pretty poor decision-making has been going on in that agency.  Does anyway else see a problem with this?

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