Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich in surprise SC win…

Well, it surprised me, anyway.

A week ago I predicted a Romney/Santorum win in this conservative and evangelical state with Gingrich coming in third.  I wasn’t alone.

Thanks to a timely rant that resonated with the South Carolina electorate against a shallow Desperate Housewife-type question by CNN’s John King, Gingrich is the winner.  Not by a small margin, either.  Early indications are Gingrich 44%, Romney 22%.  

In fact Gingrich’s spirited chastening resonated so well nationwide that FOX Business commentator Neil Cavuto was endowed with hundreds of irate comments on his web site for being critical of Newt’s criticism.  Cavuto continues his uphill obsession with defending his fellow newsmen on his website HERE.

What Cavuto and most media do NOT understand is this:  There is waaaaaaay too much media pandering to gossip, social screw-ups of the rich and famous, and fun but insanely insignificant trivia of everyday life.  The neighborhood gossip  is Mother Teresa compared to the content priorities of the media. 

Those of us who are really concerned about the direction of our country are also really pissed off at the lack of serious discussion about the serious issues facing our country.  I’m glad Gingrich won for this reason alone.


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