Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wishin’ and hopin’ that “moderate” Muslims are moderate

Several who read the “Judhi Jasser Pants on Fire” post remain in denial that such a moderate sounding Muslim can be anything but moderate.  Jasser is a self-described  “moderate, conservative, devout, orthodox” Muslim.  But he refuses to explain what parts of the Qur’an, Sura, and Hadith he disavows. 

When Jews, Christians, conservatives and others swallow things Muslims say and even what they occasionally do to demonstrate their moderateness, while at the same time the same Muslims claim they are devout and orthodox, that is, followers of Muhammad and his writings, that is nothing but blind, ignorant wishful thinking.

I hate to be so blunt with several friends who are in this category.  But there is nothing else to explain believing the unbelievable.  Perhaps this is one more example of the Stockholm Syndrome:  Becoming so controlled and intimidated by your captor who should be your mortal enemy that you create an alternative reality that belies the truth.

Snap out of it people and use logic, facts, your common sense and accept the truth that is all around us.

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