Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great reasons NOT to “Go Green”

I have two excellent reasons for an extreme dislike of “Green.”

The first:  The  sheep-like masses blindly follow the “Go Green” bandwagon.  Everything is “Green”.  From the afterthought poorly applied Green labels on bottles of Windex, to the Prius that loses significantly more value than non-hybrids, to mercury-laden squiggly light bulbs, to “eco-friendly” mineral spirits that cost the same but require twice as much to do an ineffective job.  Oh, and not to mention Obama’s “…energy costs will necessarily skyrocket.”  “Going Green” is hype.  The great majority of green schemes are not cost effective and may never be.  In fact most of the Green-peddling is more costly both initially and in the long term.  Note long-term bulb disposal costs.  Note hybrid vehicle battery disposal costs.  Note “cap and trade” costs.

The second:  The color of Islam is Green.  From Wikipedia:  “The color green has a special place in Islam. It is used in the decoration of mosques, the bindings of Qur'ans, the silken covers for the graves of Sufi saints, and in the flags of various Muslim countries. Green has been associated with Islam for many centuries.”

Islamic Tripoli’s (Libya) main town center is called “Green Square”; the Islamic flag is green.  Leftist environmentalist sympathizers with Islam love green.

Strange.  I used to love the color green.

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