Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Beck gets it right about Islamic threat

I have been critical of Glenn Beck in the past for equivocating on the Islamic threat.

Equivocation no more.  He said it all on his latest show.

As he was saying what needed to be said about Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood on his Tuesday, February 1, 2011, show, I felt a wave of concern come over me for his safety.  I have spoken to groups of 30 and 300 about the truth of Islam.  He spoke to a group of millions.

I urge you to watch this important show – it is a must see – the clearest explanation of the Islamic threat via Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and the progressive left I have seen.  And then again, Glenn is excellent at laying out the truth in an understandable manner.

I have deep admiration for Beck in speaking out.  I am wondering if such bold and truthful action had anything to do with his absence from his February 2nd show.

View his February 1st show HERE.

Pray for Glenn and his family.

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