Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ignored truths about Islam and Islamic nations

In several previous blog posts I lamented our nation’s ignorance of the true nature of Islamic ideology and how that ignorance will adversely affect the outcome of our efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

And now we are seeing the consequences of our 30 years of propping up Islamic Egypt.

In these three nations there is one fact of life that we have failed to appreciate – democracy does not equal freedom.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, we are spending billions on “nation-building.”  Nation building toward what end?  We are attempting to establish a democracy in a society steeped in hundreds of years of tribal and Islamic culture that only considers democracy a means to an end.  And that end is to reassert its ancient Islamic traditions through oppressive Islamic law.  Islamic law is an anathema to freedom.  In the case of nations with predominant Muslim populations, democracy equals Sharia law because that is what the population will vote for themselves.

In Egypt we have spent billions of dollars ($1.3 billion annually) propping up a dictator to restrain or placate (depending on your point of view) a nation of Muslims.  This arrangement was considered the lesser of two evils – the greater evil being a radical Islamic state overtly hostile to Israel.  The consequence of that foreign policy is a nation of Muslims in revolt against 30 years under a dictator and ripping mad at the US for supporting that arrangement.  That Muslim population apparently wants democracy – self determination – so they can self-determine their way to their preferred form of submission which most likely will  be some form of Sharia law.  What should our role, if any, be in all this?  If the Islamic population wants to place themselves into submission via a means other than a dictatorship, who are we to deny them that choice?

Sure, there are additional downsides.  The Egyptian peace agreement with Israel is a biggy.   But if we support our friends instead of those who’s civilizations and interests are diametrically opposed to our own, the threat to Israel would be greatly diminished.  Israel deserves support from the US as if it were our 51st state.  However, our current administration is torpedoing our best ally in the Middle East.  It was quite odd and troubling to hear several TV commentators refer to Egypt as our “best ally” in the middle east during the recent uprising.  And it is true that many think of Israel as a curse and the cause of all troubles in the middle east.  But then again, that is a well known Bible prophecy: “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle…” Zechariah 14:2.

The threat to our continuing access to the Suez Canal is another concern.  However, it would probably be a lot less expensive for us to succumb to Islamic blackmail for the continuing use of that critical canal by paying a specific fee for such access than it has been to prop up a whole nation run by a dictator.  And we would be seen by the world as being much less hypocritical for doing so.

We need to avoid like the plague assuming a distinction between “moderate” and “radical” Muslims and moderate and radical Islamic nations.  We must recognize that majority Muslim nations are at their core, anti-west, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and anti-freedom.  In fact, freedom itself is considered a grave deviance from their historic ideology.

We need to stop propping up Islamic nations.  It wastes our resources, gives us a bad rep, is contrary to our own sense of ethics, and deludes us into thinking the world is at our beck and call.  The reality is that we are headed for a clash of civilizations.  No amount of politically correct self-deception can change this.  From FrontPage Magazine by Arnold Ahlert:   

We can hope for the best possible outcome, but we must prepare for the worst, even if that means preparing for a worldwide war.  We must begin recognizing we’ve spent the last ten years hoping that what we’d like to believe about the majority of Muslims is likely nothing more than wishful thinking.  No one truly knows what the majority of Muslims think.  Maybe not even Muslims themselves.  It is by their deeds that we shall know them.  In that sense, who finally gains control in Egypt, if democratically elected, will speak volumes.

Read Ahlert’s whole article here

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