Friday, February 04, 2011

Obama’s appeasement emboldens Islamists

There is all kinds of speculation about the role the US had or didn’t have in the Egyptian debacle.  They range all the way from the accusation that the CIA, FBI, and State Department were caught totally flat-footed and were unaware that a popular uprising was about to take place, all the way to belief that the US designed and instigated the uprising beginning in 2007 and it just got out of control with unintended consequences.

We don’t know the truth of these things with any certainty.

But this is what we do know.
  • President Obama is Islam-inspired, having given many speeches complementary of Islam in all its forms.
  • Obama denies any relationship of so-called “Islamic radicals” with Islam, as if the terrorists had no training or relationship with prevailing Islamic teaching despite facts to the contrary.
  • President Obama has denied or avoided association of Islam with acts of terror in the US such as the Fort Hood massacre and various aborted attempts despite Muslims carrying out these acts explicitly in the name of Islam.
  • Obama served as “grand appeaser” in his several trips to the mid-east, especially in Egypt in his first year as president.  Obama denigrated the US while at the same time exaggerating the contributions of Islam in both the ancient culture of Egypt and the growth of the US.
  • The Obama administration is working with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood (the parent Islamic group promoting terrorism throughout the world) in Egypt to promote their role in a new Egyptian government.
  • Both the Egyptian and Israeli governments feel a deep sense of betrayal by the Obama administration in the apparent knee-jerk support of the Muslim Brotherhood in a re-formed Egyptian government.
Do you see a problem with any of this?   There is no doubt that Obama emboldened this uprising via his reputation, words, and actions.  What else can we expect to happen in a nation comprised of 80 to 90 percent Muslims, most of whom were educated in universities promoting orthodox Islamic teachings and anti-western hatred?

Here is an excerpt of an article by Jeffrey T. Kuhner from World Tribune:
Mr. Obama’s appeasement policies are naive and dangerous. Their net effect has been to embolden and strengthen radical Islam. Under his watch, Muslim extremists are on the march. Egypt is about to fall. Hizbullah controls Lebanon. Iraq is ravaged with suicide bombings, while Christian sects are being exterminated. The Taliban are surging in Afghanistan. Entire regions of Pakistan are infested with jihadists. Turkey is becoming more fundamentalist.  
The riots in Egypt reveal the bankruptcy of Mr. Obama’s Muslim outreach strategy. It was in Cairo in 2009 that he apologized for America’s supposed sins, vowing a new U.S.-Islamic partnership. The Arab street, however, rightly does not respect a leader who speaks ill of his own nation on foreign soil. Mr. Obama’s speech — and his subsequent policies — have demonstrated his complete failure to confront the rising tide of political Islam. His foreign policy is a disaster. American power and prestige are in decline. The vacuum is being filled by the new barbarians who are coming to power in Cairo.  

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a radio talk show personality and a columnist at The Washington Times and
I couldn’t agree more.

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