Monday, November 09, 2009

We are as dependant on Muslims as on Saudi oil…

I’m learning some of the reasons for our suicidal, “Muslims-are-pro-US” political correctness attitudes, especially as practiced by the Federal government, US military, and some police agencies.  And this goes a long way toward explaining why we ignored the warning signs about the Fort Hood attack.

Despite the fact their reasoning is based on wishful thinking, our civil and political servants are more concerned about not upsetting Muslims than they are about our national security and our individual safety.  Why is that?  Several reasons, all having to do with our desire for language interpreters, intelligence analysts and informants.  Apparently we rely on Muslims in the military, CIA, police departments and FBI to assist us with these matters in our two wars, as well as with domestic terror threats.  We do this being unaware that some unknown number of these folks place their Muslim beliefs ahead of US interests.  Their allegiance is with Muhammad and the Qur’an, not with their country.  And we certainly don’t want to offend them by suggesting that some of them may be working against us.  And based on their practice of Taqiya they will certainly not tell us.

Wake up, people.  Enough ignorance about Islam and its followers!  Are we incapable of producing our own interpreters, analysts, agents, and counselors we can trust without relying on those who are likely to be offended by the battles we fight?

For more information, there are two enlightening books available on this topic:  Muslim Mafia, and Infiltration, both by Paul Sperry.

Please learn about the deceit of Islam and our ignorant dependence on many who are likely traitors to our way of life. 

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