Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Judging Islam

“Judge not lest ye be judged” is an expression we’ve grown up with that helps justify our political correctness and our penchant for cultural diversity.  That well-meaning expression is misunderstood and carried way too far in our society.  Too many interpret it to a mindless extreme:  Don’t judge between good and evil; right and wrong.  Don’t presume we are right and another person is wrong. Give every idea, utterance, and action of another the benefit of the doubt no matter how obscene, obscure, or objectionable it might be.

More accurately, the expression pertains to the fact that we are subject to the same standards by which we judge others.  Don’t judge unfairly; don’t judge out of ignorance.  Conversely, informed judgment is a good thing – as is “discernment”: the exercise of informed judgment.  Judgment is essential for us to be moral beings – to have a sense of right and wrong. 

Unfortunately, there are growing numbers of Americans who have become “moral relativists” who disdain or deny there is such a thing as right and wrong.  It is only someone’s “opinion.”  Any anti-social action is defended as someone’s freedom of expression.  Many of our political leaders, like General Casey who still blindly defends cultural diversity in the military over identifying the ideology of the Islamic terrorist who killed 13 soldiers, are moral relativists.

Cultural diversity is the handmaiden of moral relativism.  Our military, FBI, CIA, and many police departments practice moral relativism when they continue to give Islamists the benefit of the doubt despite their promotion of violence, bigotry, hatred, and Islamic supremacism.

Why is it OK for Islamists to demean, denounce, threaten, belittle, and bemeoan “the infidel”, but not ok for Jews and Christians to be critical of Islamist intolerance, supremacism and bigotry?  Is it our disdain of “judging” others?  Our affinity toward cultural diversity?  Or has it gone beyond that?

Have we transitioned from electing to be “culturally diverse” to being coerced into Dhimmitude?  It is appearing more and more that we are being intimidated into submission by the very ones to whom we granted the benefit of the doubt via our failure to judge.   This appears to be the case.  In the Fort Hood case, doctors and officers up and down the line are expressing that they failed to act on Hasan’s many obvious signs for fear of litigation by the Muslim community, fear of being called a bigot, or fear of disciplinary measures from their superior officers for violating their self-imposed rules of cultural diversity (aka “do not judge – do not think”).

There is no question that basic Islam as taught in the Qur’an, as written and practiced by Muhammad, as being promoted by the violent vocal minority of Muslims, teaches intolerance and Islamic Supremacism through any means up to and including violence and terror.  There is no doubt that Sharia law and Islam’s universal treatment of women is an anathema to our own culture and our own values.  Yet we give Muslims the benefit of the doubt.  Why?  Because we “assume” they are moderate and benign. And because we fear the consequences. 

Most Muslims appear to be patriotic, America-loving individuals.  No doubt many are.  The trouble with this assumption, as Hasan has demonstrated, is this:

  1. We don’t know for sure which ones are truly “moderate and benign” and
  2. We don’t know for sure when the “moderate and benign” kick over to the Jihadi phase of the devotion to Islam.

No, the same dilemma cannot be attributed to Christians and Jews and atheists.  These groups don’t have a tiny fraction of the track record in the past millennia that Islam has in the last decade.  Don’t even try that “moral equivalency” BS.

We need a major shift of thinking from the past several decades.  We need to become more judgmental, more discerning, less culturally diverse, more appreciative of our own culture, less tolerant of those in opposition to our culture.  This Veterans Day, we need to vow not to sacrifice our soldiers or our nation on the alter of cultural diversity.  General Casey; President Obama:  Get a Clue!

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