Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Thinking through the “gay marriage” issue…

Viscerally, I’m glad the Maine “gay marriage enabling” referendum failed.  It is the right thing to happen, morally and socially.

Logically, why do I have this opinion?  After all, the arguments go, why not allow consenting, loving adults to get married and enjoy the same benefits of marriage that heteros do?  It is soooo discriminatory to legally prohibit marriage between gays.

My response:  I have to go back to the ignorant, not very well thought through expression “you can’t legislate morality.”  C’mon, people.  Consider just about any law on the books of local, state, or federal governments.  What laws ARE NOT based on some moral principle?  Murder, stealing, rape, polygamy?  Even speeding has moral implications – endangering the lives of others.

Gay marriage is openly advocated nowadays only because our nation has lost its “moral compass.”  We’ve forgotten the reasons for morality.  With a growing Muslim influence, polygamy will be the next morally-based prohibition to be openly challenged.  What’s next?  There are already special interest groups that advocate legalization of man-boy sex and other “morally deviant” behaviors.  Government has already legalized stealing in the form of a wide variety of tax policies.  Our President covets the role of Robin Hood by stealing from the rich and middle class and giving to the poor – “wealth redistribution”, they call it.

Everyone has varying degrees of predispositions to practice deviant, anti-social or self-destructive behaviors.  There are people who are genetically or behaviorially prone to alcoholism, to drug addiction, and to sex addiction.  Does that mean that society must condone and feed these predispositions?  Hell no!  They are encouraged to practice self control – they are not legislatively encouraged to practice their destructive behavior.

Are there reasons why these practices are not condoned by society?  Absolutely!  You peel back the layers of reasons and it goes beyond “morality” to the reasons for morality – usually having to do with the survival and well-being of a culture or society.

Similarly, there are reasons for society not condoning or sanctioning “gay marriage” and, in fact, not promoting openly gay behavior.  The reasons are not simply because “the Bible tells me so,” although that by itself is good enough reason for many.  Looking beyond the present day cult of self-gratification and sexual deviancy and promiscuity and looking instead at millennia-long principles of cultural survival and human well-being and we find wisdom on this matter will become evident.

It is enough that many heterosexuals refrain from having children.  Add to that a growing portion of our population who entertain their inner gay fantasy to the point that they too remain childless.  There goes our birthrate to a level that gradually reduces our population and facilitates a decline of our society.  And although I hesitate to suggest any “guilt by association”, have you noticed that gays tend to be notably more overtly promiscuous than heteros?  I come to that conclusion after being stuck in traffic and becoming an unwilling observer during “gay pride day” parades and reading news stories of their goings-ons in public parks, restrooms, and truck stops.  Look at some of the web sites of gay activists to see the displays of sexual promiscuity they not only embrace, but which they unabashedly defend and promote.

Our society is on a dangerous course when it changes its laws to legitimize homosexual lifestyles, marriage or otherwise.  Thank you, liberal Maine, for not succumbing to the “anything goes” mentality.

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