Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obama’s Affinity for Islam…

Here is a video worthy of going viral on the net.  Obama’s comments bring to me the strongest feeling of being a foreigner in my own land.  He is our nation’s Trojan Horse who has entered our gates at the invitation of our ill-informed and gullible electorate.

His statements on this video about the glories of Islam deserve refutation:  He glorifies Islam beyond all common understanding of history.  He elevates the Islamic culture above all that America is based upon.

The video compresses every pro-Islamic statement Obama has publicly uttered over the past two years – statements when heard in isolation were uneasily dismissed as a random gaff or reminiscence of his childhood.  Most of us wishfully thought that such statements couldn’t possibly really represent the thoughts of OUR president.  To many, it clearly answers the questions about why a decision about Afghanistan is taking so long; why he panders to Islamic nations and shows disdain for Israel; why he eliminates the missile shield from one of our best European allies; why he supports Gaza, Palestine and Hamas over Israel, why he refuses to acknowledge that Fort Hood was attacked by a Muslim Jihadist to further Islamic supremacist goals.  It explains why in his book Audacity of Hope he promises to “stand with them [Muslim immigrants] if the political winds became ugly.”

What will it take for America to wake up?

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