Thursday, July 16, 2015

His apologists will claim “persecution”…

The difference between a so-called “radical” and so-called “moderate” Muslim are slim to non-existent

The Islam-inspired killer of 4 Marines in Chattanooga will probably garner some sympathy from Muslim apologists in the US.

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez wrote in his yearbook,”my name causes national security alerts”– a sign of a poor persecuted Muslim.  So of course the evil, mean-spirited Americans caused him to snap and kill 4 US Marines.  Really, nothing to see here.  His Muslim name has NOTHING to do with the carnage he carried out.

Or perhaps he didn’t have enough opportunity or he was disadvantaged and poverty stricken.  Hmmm…  He received an Engineering degree and lived in this house:

Clue:  It was his belief in his Islamic religion that made him do it.

If only his name DID trigger a national security alert.  Sadly, it did not.  Due to the purging of Islamic-related indicators in our national security lexicon by embedded Muslim advisors, there are likely hundreds of Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez’s ready to commit similar acts – or worse.

On the other hand, this morning an ISIS supporter tweeted this at 10:34 am — the shooting started at 10:45.  This was reported on Pam Geller’s website.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.23.00 PM

As usual, the FBI and media are scratching their heads over a motive.  Why would a Muslim from Kuwait who graduated from a local Tennessee High School, got a degree in Engineering from the University of Tennessee and a quiet guy with a good sense of humor do this?  He attended the local mosque for several months and grew his thick dark beard just before he decided to carry out his premeditated attack.  Of course, the teachings given at the mosque had nothing at all to do with what this man thought, believed, and did.

And of course what he did has nothing to do with the Islamic leaders of the Middle East, including those with whom we just entered a milestone nuclear agreement, in proclaiming ‘death to America’ and vowing to attack military bases.  Of course it has nothing to do with the Islamic ideology and pronouncements of hatred toward our culture and their intolerant and supremacist teachings and practices.

Yes, his actions had nothing to do with Islam…well maybe they did.  HERE is a tidbit from his own blog.  He sought paradise – pure Islamic theology.

Yes indeed, CAIR has come out with a syrupy condemnation of the attack.  That is the typical handshake with the right and the stab in the back with the left.  Pure Islam.

It is ironic that of all places that are declared “gun free zones” are our military installations.  Insane?  Absolutely.

gunfree zone shooting

Here is a proposal from a man that John McCain says is inciting the “crazies:”

"As Commander-in-Chief, I would mandate that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases."

Donald Trump          

I agree.  Call me one of the “crazies.”

Remember this…


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