Sunday, July 12, 2015

Affirmative action is racist and bigoted…

“Since affirmative action was instituted, conservatives have battled for the idea that character, ability and excellence should be the criteria for advancement, not gender, race or ethnicity. Boy and girls, men and women, should be admitted to schools or promoted in jobs based on what they have accomplished, not on which country or continent their kinfolk came from.”

Patrick Buchanon, November 1998


Do we Americans wonder why we are in decline as a nation?  We are declining in academic achievement, in scientific achievement, in out of wedlock births, in national unity and dozens of other ways. 

This John Hawkins article “20 Signs America is in Decline” from paints the picture.

The elephant-in-the-room reason why we are in decline is captured in Pat Buchanan’s quote above.  Character, ability, and excellence are no longer the criteria for advancement in our society.  We have elevated gender, race, and ethnicity as the gold standard for opportunity and advancement in the US.

That was back in 1998.  Now, add to that, the recent Supreme Court decision that also elevates the absence of religious values and morality as a key ingredient for advancement.  Not only is stifling our beliefs now politically correct, proclaiming our acceptance of gay marriage, gay sex, homosexual lifestyles will likely be a prerequisite for many jobs and for operating many businesses that cater to the general public.

Admittance to public universities and applications for government programs and assistance will also likely to be denied those who don’t agree to behaviors that have been considered “sins” throughout their lives and through millenia of religious teaching.

As long as criteria for advancement remain counterproductive, which the current ones most certainly are, the deeper we will find this country sinking into the abyss.  The longer we ignore the qualities of character, ability, and excellence, the less hope we have to recapture the success this nation had enjoyed in the previous two centuries.

There is a big difference between “forced, legally mandated opportunity for some” and “equality of opportunity among all.”  We have had the former for way too long.

Mandated equality for some at the expense of others is against the laws of nature and our nature’s God.  Equality at the expense of character, ability, and excellence is a gross injustice and a certain path to national failure.

Affirmative action is racist, bigoted and hateful.  Our nation is paying a heavy price. Abolition of forced affirmative action is long overdue.

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