Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A futile troop trainee vetting process in Syria…

…or in any other Sharia-compliant, intolerant Islamic nation

For years I’ve warned that our reliance on Muslims to fight by our side in the Middle East  was foolish and futile.  Have the Muslim insider attacks in Afghanistan and weak-willed Muslim fighters in Iraq taught us that lesson yet?

They apparently have, to a degree.

Our decade of training thousands of Iraqi troops has been an abject failure.  They have consistently turned and run tail in the face of attacks by ISIS Muslims and any other force considered by the US to be “the enemy.”    Why do you think that’s the case?  Could it be that their own culture and religious indoctrination are more in line with ISIS and other enemies of the United States than than they are with Western values?

As of 2014, 15% of all US deaths in Afghanistan were caused by insider attacks - purposeful attacks by supposedly allied troops on US troops.

In response to our prior Muslim trainees turning tail in the face of the opposition or turning their guns on US troops, our trainee vetting program has become much more aggressive and thorough, and thankfully so. 

What has this necessarily more aggressive and effective vetting accomplished?  The answer:  Not much if the criteria is based on numbers trained.  Quite a lot if the criteria is based on soliciting trainees who won’t run and who won’t turn on us.

Out of the 10’s of thousands of Iraqi’s and Syrians of fighting age, the US is in the process of training 60 (yes, sixty) Syrian rebels to fight against their more devout Muslim brothers in Syria.  Only 60 passed muster.  This means that over 95% of potential trainees do not past muster.  Vetting potential trainees is comprised of running names through intelligence data basis, psychological evaluations, and determining the communities and tribes they are from – and only a tiny minority pass.  This result is the exact opposite of what we hear at home about Muslim ideoligical predisposition – that only a tiny minority are “radical”, and the rest are as American as apple pie.  The truth is quite the opposite.

As long as we insist on training natives of a basically hostile Islamic culture to fight on our behalf, a strict vetting process is required.  Doing anything less is the same as training and equipping our enemy to fight against us.

ISIS claims they recruit 60 in one day HERE.

Is such training cost effective?  It is just about as cost effective as training the Mexican drug cartels to be US border patrol agents.

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