Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama’s speech: Words of an Advocate and Deceiver for Islam…

Imagine this:  If Catholics or Presbyterians were responsible for 99% of worldwide terror, and members of that faith were an immanent threat to our national security, would we tolerate a political leader demanding that we refrain from judging or being critical of those religions.

Such a leader would be called an apologist, an advocate, and a fool.

And so Obama is.

Not one word about positive action we can take to identify and neutralize terror.  Only that we should accommodate them with our sweetness and light.

A fool.

Muslims in the US will most likely be offended by Obama’s words.  Why?  Because he is telling Muslims what not to believe that their religion clearly tells them to believe.  Half the Qur’an (the most relevant half) instructs Muslims to behave exactly how the “radicals” are behaving.  Obama is once more providing cover for a vile, aggressive, intolerant political ideology.

And the rest of us should be offended because our president continually inferred the American public is the cause of Islamic violence.

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