Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Petition against bombing Syria …

We have an out of control Muslim Brotherhood-pandering president and an ignorant Congress, John McCain paramount among them.

The proposed US bombing of Syria and our arming of the “rebels” have no benefit to the United States, and in fact emboldens savages worse than the Assad regime.

View the video below for stark evidence of this fact…

HERE is a site where you can petition our Congressman to refuse to sanction the proposed attack on Syria           http://dontattacksyria.com/

Please let your voice be heard on this most important issue of the year.  Contact your Congressman anyway you know how.

It is bad enough that our nation’s leaders are ignorant of the threat of Islamists and spend billions on Islamic nations that abhor Western society and Judeo-Christian existence.  Nation-building in those rat holes was enough of a waste of our precious resources.  Now our misguided, misinformed and mal-intentioned leaders want to start yet another war without end?

We shouldn’t spend a dime on any nation which is predominantly Islamic.  And there is no “good side” to choose when there is an Islamic civil war.  So-called “rebels” and “freedom fighters” and promoters of an “Arab Spring” are used by Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, to implement Sharia and to persecute any remaining non-Muslim in their nation.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God.......

Art said...

Watching the hearings yesterday almost made me sick. Can politicians say what they mean in anything other than in meaningless verbiage? Why not answer a few questions?
What happens if Syria or Hezbollah fire missiles, gas or otherwise, into Israel?
What happens if one of our ships is attacked?
What happens if Syria responds with homeland attacks in the U.S.?
What happens if our military is attacked in another part of the world?
What happens if Syria uses more gas against the rebels?
Who are the “insurgents? Who leads them? Are they of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Gerardo Moochie said...

All great questions our "leaders" don't seem equipped to ask.

Read this on McCain: