Sunday, September 01, 2013

Elysium: A parody on progressivism…

The movie “Elysium” has rightly been accused by conservatives has having an in-your-face socialist political message.

It is so blatantly in your face that I see it more as a foolish parody on progressivism, that is, it is exceedingly laughable.

There are three major socialist issues that the movie thoughtlessly promotes:

1.  Single provider healthcare:  The hoards on earth feel entitled to storm the space station (Elysium) to partake of their superior health care. 

2. Occupy Wall Street-type moral superiority of the 99%, even though they have devolved into thronging masses of crime, immmorality, and sloth. The 1% (perhaps 0.0001%) on Elysium is portrayed as morally reprehensible despite developing superior health care, a civil, law abiding society, and a high quality of life.

3. Automatic citizenship in Elysium for a all non-citizens on the planet via invasion, killing, and destruction, a la Bill Ayers in the 60’s.

The laughable ignorance of the message includes the following points:

  • The masses are unproductive, irresponsible, and destructive
  • The “elites”  are those willing to be creative, work, produce, and remain law abiding.
  • The concept of “borders” is considered immoral, even though borders created a social, political, and moral environment that allowed Elysium to develop the medical technology that the “masses” below lusted after.   A world or society without borders creates anarchy.  Anarchy creates chaos which Elysium amply exhibited.
  • Total lack of understanding that automatic citizenship in Elysium for the billions of people below on earth which allows free access to the services of a relatively diminutive space station is ludicrous – having the ultimate affect of a parasite killing its host.

Elysium represents the fuzzy, juvenile, and Pollyanish thinking of socialists/progressives on the issues of immigration, health care, and wealth redistribution.  It demonizes all that is good about personal responsibility, law and order.

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