Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drawing the line on insanity as an excuse…

The “personal responsibility” and “self control” line is fast eroding.  No one seems to care much about the consequences of the line on insanity disappearing.

Is the Muslim that blows himself up, or tries to, insane?  Some will say he is.   So should the Muslim who tries but fails be excused with an insanity plea?

Hell no!

Should the homo who tries to commit a mass shooting but fails be given a lessor sentence because of a plead of insanity?  Hell no!

But HERE is another damned attorney who tried the very thing with his pervert client.

There is a psychological excuse for every anti-social evil humanity can commit.  The psychiatric profession is capable of pandering to every crime imaginable.  Let the profession have its way and no one would feel a need to be responsible for any behavior.  All of society would plead “insanity.”  And probably get Obamacare, food stamps, and unemployment compensation to help make them feel better.

There is a time for mercy and a time for justice.  Our society is on the extreme “tolerate everything” side of the equation in the name of “mercy” and at the expense of “justice.”  I suppose this is fitting of a culture that couldn’t care less about morality or the God who established moral standards so that we could have a just and peace-loving society.

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