Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why progressives call Islamic resurgence “the Arab Spring”

Volatile events in the Middle East this past year have been called “the Arab Spring.”  Called that by whom?  Mostly by progressives and their mainstream media mouthpiece.

Why would such events be called by such a cheery sounding, flowers and butterflies name?  Those of us who understand the resurgent, orthodox character of Islam understand this to be the roiling in of a new Middle East dark ages that is likely to boil into a supremacist, fascist Caliphate and become an even greater threat to our only real ally, Israel and to international stability.

What do our progressive enabler-allies of Islam see?

They see masses of people having an opportunity to express and govern themselves through their faith.  They equate the Islamic faith with any other faith.  Big mistake. They see the shackles of decades of restraint on the practice of this political faith finally being removed.  They see young people expressing themselves like they couldn’t before.  They assume that removing government constraints in the Middle East will result in the same kind of democracy we have in the United States.

They value the illusion of freedom and democracy ahead of the reality of political Islam.  They are ignorant of the historic predisposition of Muslim hoards:  Chaos, violent supremacism, intolerance, conquest.   They failed to appreciate the necessity of the authoritarian forms of government that were essential to maintain order where those who would spread chaos are so many, so willing, and so motivated.

To borrow a line from Obama’s pal, the Rev. Wright:   “The chickens are coming home to roost.”  The atheist, agnostic, lapsed Christian, religio-phobic progressive elite in Washington DC wouldn’t recognize the Christian foundation necessary to sustain a democracy if they tripped over it and fell on their face in it.  They believe the Islamic roots of the Middle East Arab Spring will sustain democracy.   They are absolute ignorant fools.  Rather the proverbial camel will pass through the eye of a needle.

Here is to a new year of enhanced chaos, bloodshed, and destabilization in the Middle East, thanks to the ignorant progressive enablers in the West.


gaby said...

your entry is so small-minded and terribly boring. no wonder its called 'muccings'.

Gerardo Moochie said...

Yeah, I understand. I considered calling it the Galactic Gushings, but thought that might be too "over the top."

Gerardo Moochie said...

Speaking of small minds, I wonder why Gaby didn't bother to state his view of the Muslim Brotherhood dominated Arab Spring and express why he disagreed with my comments instead of trashing the commentator? Could he one of the progressive Islam panderers of which I spoke?